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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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The Phobias
Phobias can be given to all human beings. Many different types and classes. This is mental and its origin comes from many sides not just onething. As we can identify a phobia and others? There are hundreds of kinds of phobias. phobia can be almost anything. Some phobias are fear of spiders(arachnophobia), it is estimated that half of women suffer from this, the fobias to be judged negatively in social situations (sociofobia) this phobia is morecommon in adolescents, the phobia of flying (aerophobia), also open spaces phobia this fear is more common in women (agoraphobia), the opposite ofclaustrophobia is the fear of enclosed places and e m e t o fo b i a i s vo m i t i n g phobia. There are hundreds of phobias these are only some of them. Toidentify the phobia does not have to look at the past,

but to do what triggers this according to Dr. Garcia Losa. We know the different types of phobia nowonly identified according to symptoms, for example, if I have a fear of spiders and I can not see and the reaction is extreme to have visual and physicalcontact and enter phobia of spiders and provided medication and be sure that we have this phobia and it is phobia. In conclusion no one escapes phobia thatno matter whether you have any physical condition or mental. These hundreds of phobias can have knowledge and know what's in this world of fobias. Theworld is full of phobia can and can not control ever ything depends on oneself and seek psychological help.

By:Ricardo Marcano Colón 9no, Sra.Garrida

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