Phonetics And Phonology - Prominence

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Fonetica y Fonología Inglesa II
1) What is prominence? Name the elements of prominence and briefly describe each of them.
Prominence may be acceptably explained as follows: the act of pronouncing words and syllables outstandingly in an utterance.
Pitch | quality | quantity | and stress |
are necessarily taken into account when prominence is considered.
Stress takes event to anarticulatory and auditory level. Muscular energy and breath force are taken into consideration whenever stress is thought of, to an articulatory level. Auditory stress is perceived as loudness, and can be defined as that property of sound which enables us using only our ears to place on a scale going from loud to soft.
Pitch is considered from the articulatory and auditory perspective. Thetension and rate of vibration are taken into account whenever pitch is focused to an articulatory level. A scale running from high to low, or acute to grave are taken into consideration whenever pitch is thought of, to an auditory level.
Quality is normally referred to that aspect of auditory sensation in terms of which two sounds similarly presented and having the same loudness, quantity and pitch areperceived as dissimilar.
Quantity is taken into account when considering lengthening of vowels.

2) Transcribe the following words and indicate
A- Primary stress
B- Secondary stress
C-Prominent syllable
D- Non-prominent syllable
-elegi 10 palabras de Lira o Finch-
I have picked out ten words from the book that was written by Diana Finch.

Unknown _ Intelligibility _ irresponsibility _Differentiation _ personification _ availability _ irritability _ predisposition _ consideration _ differentiate

. ˌʌnˈnəʊn

. . . . . . ɪnˌteɫʤˈbɪɫtɪ
. . . . . ɪrɪˌspɒnsˈbɪɫtɪ

. . . . . dɪfrenʃɪˈeɪʃn

. . . . .pˌsɒnfˈkheɪʃn

. . . . . əˌveɪɫˈbɪɫtɪ

. . . . . ɪrɪtˈbɪɫtɪ

. . . . pri:ds?pˈzɪʃn

. . . . knˌsdrˈeɪʃn

. . . .ˌdfrenʃɪˈeɪʃn

3) Stressed the following words according to their grammatical cathegory. Provide the phonemic script of each of them.
-6 palabras de Finch-
4) Arrange the following words according to their grammatical accentual pattern.
Single Stress Double Stress Single Stress Double Stress
Simple Word Simple Word Compund Word Compound WordSimple words that contain single stressed syllables: fish _ sing _ tip _ wish _ bean _ stream
Simple words that contain double stressed syllables: violin _ eighteen _ concentration _ pronunciation
Compound words that contain single stressed syllables: babysitter _ bookseller _ lawnmower _ eggbeater _ ballet-dancer _ bartender
Compound words that contain double – stressed syllables: best – seller;city centre; sliding door; wet blanket; flying colours; common sense

-3 palabras para cada uno- Lira-
5) Stressed the following sentences. Explain the stress patterns in the underline sentences. Take in consideration the rhythmical modifications of conected speech.
1. He decided to buy not the most comfortable car but the most expensive one.
2. I first met my `mother in law in her oldcountry house in Kent.
3. Keep your coat until I light the fire, then you can take it off.
4. A: Why didn't you talk to the head master? B: I did talk to him
5. An outdoor life is very healthy
6. I'm glad your leaving! I'm glad your leaving! I'm so glad your leaving!
7. The baby is crying.
8. Weekend conferences seldom last the whole weekend, they usually have sunday afternoon off.

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