Phonetics (practice text)

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Transcribe the text below paying particular attention to weak forms and syllabic consonants.
My favourite time of the year has got to be theautumn. Most people, in my experience, when asked to choose a preferred season, will pick spring or summer, listing sunshine, warmth, new grow, flowers,holidays and outdoor activities as reasons. These people find autumn an odd choice, as they associate it with oncoming winter, worsening weather,short days, light deprivation and depression. While I enjoy the advantages of every season and wouldn’t do without any of them, I do, on the otherhand, find autumn the cosiest time of the year, the time when I love to nest and I revel in every shortening day. Sitting here, as I write, I’mconjuring up pictures of long country walks, autumn leaves, wellington boots and puddles, mushrooms, cobwebs glittering with dew, a deliciously musky dampsmell outdoors, a low sun, long shadows, a hint of red to the light and sharp contrasts. I imagine warm fires, home crafts, pumpkins, hot soup, warmbaths and apple cinnamon scented candles. There’s nothing more uplifting and inspirational in my opinion than a long trek through the woodsaccompanied by my dog, with frequent stops along the way for him to enjoy the various delicious smells and me to fill my pockets with treasures. I used toget carried away, greedy, bringing home far more than I could ever use, because it was all so beautiful and I wanted to save it forever somehow.
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