Phonies in hamlet

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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Reality sometimes is not the best side to show which is why sometimes people appear to be something different from what they truly are. From the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare King Claudius,Prince Hamlet, and Laertes are not what they appear to be. These characters appear to be something different to be able to complete their objectives as individuals. For instance, in the play Claudius isfake and betrays those who love him, Hamlet wants to appears senseless but is not, and Laertes fakes his forgiveness. First of all, King Claudius seems to be a brave, strong leader, andcompassionate. For example, when he tells Hamlet “But you must know your father lost, lost his, and the survivor bound I filial obligation for some term to do obsequious sorrow.” (1.2) King Claudius seemsconcerned with Hamlet’s nonsense but in reality he does not care; what he really wants is for Hamlet to die as he states in the play, “I’ll have prepared him a chalice for the nonce whereon but sipping, ifhe by chance escape your venomed stuck our purpose may hold there.” (4.7) Here he confirms that he plans to assure Hamlet’s death no matter what the consequences are. An additional character in theplay is Hamlet himself. In the play, Hamlet portrays himself to be crazy in front of everyone. Hamlet wants to confirm what his ghost father has told him, that his own brother had murdered him. Toprove this he makes the people think he is crazy. This is the reason why no one will pay attention to what he does. One thing Hamlet does is talk nonsense. For instance, when Hamlet and Polonius arehaving a conversation, Polonius asked Hamlet, “What do you read, my Lord?” Hamlet says, “Words, words, words” and the Polonius asks “What is the matter My Lord?” and then Hamlet asks, “Between whom?”Polonius then says “I mean the matter that you read, my Lord.” (2.2)In this conversation Hamlet is just talking nonsense to assure Polonius that he is crazy, but in reality Hamlet is just faking it....
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