Photoshop to create photos

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PART 1: Learning the Photoshop Desktop
Open the following website:
Label the parts of the Photoshop desktop here: (7 marks)[pic]

1. At the left side of the page you see the TOOLBOX palette. Label 6 of the Tools shown here: (6 marks)


2. Open the image “Earth-Space” found in the grade 8 folder.
•You can open an existing image file by choosing File > Open or File>Browse. Photoshop can open most image file types.
3. Click on the Text tool (T) and place the cursor somewhere in the black part atthe top of the image.

4. Type the following: The Earth As Seen From Space
• Be sure to use Ariel Bold 27 pt font.
• You may need to switch the Foreground and Background colours at thebottom of the Toolbox in order for the text to appear White. Do this by clicking the little arrow just to the right of the black and white boxes.

5. Once the title is typed, click on the Movetool (the arrow) and use it to move the title neatly near the top of the picture like this:


5. Next, select the Type tool again (T), and a T with a curved line beneath it will appear in theOptions Bar at the top of the page. Click this T with the curved line under it.
6. In the Style box, select Arch and choose 37% and Click OK.
7. Click the Move tool (the arrow) and lower the textback onto the page.
8. Under the Edit Menu select Transform and then Rotate.
9. Grab a corner of the selection box around the text and rotate the text so it curves around the earth. When finished,click the Move tool (the arrow) to apply the transformation.
10. You may have to move the text several times, using the Move tool (the arrow) to get it to fit correctly.
11. You may have to Transformand Rotate several times to achieve this effect:

12. Next we will add effects to the text. Select the Text tool (T). At the bottom of the layers Palette at the right, click fx and a...
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