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Phrasal Verb act up

Definition behave or function improperly calculate a sum equal an amount make sense invite on a date

Example I think I need to take my car to the mechanic because it's acting up again. I added up the receipts and it totaled $135.46. The total expenses added up to $325.00.

bear on +

have to do with

This information may bear on this case. I didn't think he wouldbear up so well in that situation. How did he bear up under such extreme pressure. Please bear with me while I fill out the paperwork. My cousin blew in unexpectedly with his entire family. All this negative publicity will blow over in a couple of weeks. The terrorists blew the bridge up.

bear up


add * up + add up to + add up ask * out +

bear up under +


bearwith + Her story doesn't add up. I think she is lying. I can't believe that Joe finally asked me out on a date! Why don't we ask the Johnsons over for dinner? blow in

be patient

visit unexpectedly (inf.)

ask * over + B back down

invite to one's home

blow over

pass without creating a problem make explode;destroy using explosives explode

stop defending your opinion in a debate notkeep (a promise, agreement,deal) not keep (a promise, agreement, deal) give support

Jane never backs down. She always wins arguments. Sam backed out at the last second.

blow * up +

back out

blow up

The bomb blew up before they could defuse it. When Joan heard the news, she blew up and rushed out of the room. We need to break this problem down in order to solve. The truck broke downin the desert. She broke down after her husband died. I need to break these shoes in before I go hiking. While we were discussing the situation, Terri broke in to give her opinion.

back out of +

Sam backed out of the agreement at the last second. You need examples to back up your opinion. Could you back up a little so I can open this drawer. She bawled him out for arriving late. The soldierhad to bear down on the leather strap while the doctor removed a bullet from the soldier's arm. The U.S.A. is bearing down on drug traffickers.

blow up

suddenly become very angry

back * up +

break * down +

analyze in detail

back up

move backwards, reverse

break down break down

stop working properly become mentally ill

bawl * out bear down on +

criticize, reprimand(inf.) bite

break * in +

wear or use something new until it is comfortable interrupt

break in bear down on + take strong measures against

break in

enter a place unlawfully

The burglar broke in between midnight and 3 AM. Jane broke in on the conversation and told us to get back to work. The burglar broke into the house between midnight and 3 AM. Jane broke into the conversationand told us what she knew. Sally broke her engagement to John off. Violent protests broke out in response to the military coup. He broke out the champagne to celebrate his promotion. The murderer broke out of the prison. bring * up +


difficult, but I brought a new appreciation for life away from the experience. You robbed the bank! I can't believe you brought that off. I can'tbelieve she got so angry. What brought that on? Your new shirt brings out the color of your eyes. When you visit me, why don't you bring over your son. We used smelling salts to bring her to after she fainted. I didn't want to bring up the fact that she was unemployed. Sam was brought up in South Carolina. Mary brushed her ex-boyfriend off at the party. The children burned the house down whileplaying with matches. Two buildings burnt down in the fire.

break in on +

interrupt (a conversation)

bring * off +

succeed at something difficult or unexpected cause something

break into +

enter a house unlawfully

bring * on +

break into +

interrupt (a conversation)

bring * out +

highlight, stress

break * off +

end something

bring * over +

bring to...
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