Phrasal verbs lesson

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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2010
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Adventures growing up
(Lesson Plan)

|Teacher’s name: Mariana Solís |Date: October 12, 2005 |Lesson length: 30 minutes |
|Level: Intermediate |Task: |To present a reading full of phrasal verbs and let students discuss. |
|Lesson aims: To recognize and producesome phrasal verbs. |Skills: |Reading and Speaking |
|Materials: |Reading sheets with comprehension questions for each student. |
| |List of phrasal verbs next to the meaning for each student.|
| |
|Stage, time, focus |Aim |Activities |Questions |
|Warm up |To create a good|Divide the class in two groups. |Bring up |
| |rapport. |Play hangman using some phrasal verbs. |Make up |
| |To let students guess |ex: bring up |Come up|
|5 min |the meaning of the |When students guess the phrasal verb they have to make a sentence or explain |Make out |
| |phrasal verbs. |the meaning. |Set off |
| | |ex: I wasbrought up by my grandmother. |Go along |
|T>SSS | |or: to look after a child and educate them until they are old enough to look |Make off with |
|SS>T | |after themselves. |Take off|
| | | |Break out |
| | | |Drop off |
|Reading |To let students read so|Give each student acopy of the reading and let them read. | |
| |they can recognize the |Answer the comprehension questions as a class. | |
|10–15 min |use and meaning of |Ask students to choose one-five phrasal verbs that are difficult for them. ||
| |phrasal verbs. |With a partner, change the chosen phrasal verbs for a familiar word. | |
|S>T | |(Teacher monitors and helps) | |
|S>S | |Go over answers.| |
|Speaking |To let students |Give | |
| |practice the use of |Change partners | |...
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