Phrasal verbs

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GET ON -Get on with your work while I correct the exams -Get on with your work, you, lazy boy! -She is getting on in years. GET UP -On the day of the exam she got up at seven to Study. GET BACK -We have come too far, we have no time to get back -Get back from there it's too dangerous. GET INTO GET ACROSS GET ALONG -The girl is going to get into trouble again. -1 failed to get my jokesacross to the crowd. -He gets along with a lot of people: -it's getting late you had better get along or you'll miss the bus GET THROUGH -How will I get through all this work? GET AWAY -The police tried to catch the criminal, but he managed to get away GET BEHIND GET OVER GET OUT GET BY GET ON TO -He got behind the wall to hide. -Make an effort and try to get over her death.


-Will you pleaseget out of the car?
- I have just enough money to get by. •They got on to the bus.


-The buglers got in through the window. -Get in here quickly there's a storm coming.


-1 have enjoyed this holiday but I can't wait to get back to work

GIVE BACK GIVE AWAY GIVE OUT -The teacher gave out the exam papers. GIVE UP -The doctor told him to give up smoking. -I giveup, I'll tell you the answer. -Tomorrow I'll give you back your book. -I'm going to give away all my old clothes.


-Give your seat up for the old lady, Terry.

-She gave in the forms to the clerk and waited for
an/ the answer. - During the fight the older man had to give in at last.


-The building was eventually given o.ver to the youth club.


- Thecheese gave off such an unpleasant smell that we /lad to leave the place.


LOOK~A~T~~~-7 77 L~o~o k in~g~a77 t h~e~r~y~o~u.~d~n~e~v~e~r~g~u~e~s~s~s~h~e~w~a~s~a~d~o~c~to~r~.



They looked at the train as it left the station Will you please look at this letter? -They would not look at my proposal. - Look at the press before you make up your mind about it.


LOOK BACK - Hegave me a piece of advice: never look back. LOOK INTO - He didn't accept my offer at first, but he said he'd look into it. - He wants further information and will look into the matter in depth. LOOKOUT - Look out! I feel a sense of danger here. - He stood at the window and looked out at the landscape LOOK ONTO LOOK OVER - My bedroom looks onto the garden. - We must look over the house before wedecide to rent it or not. - I looked all over the place but I didn't find anything interesting LOOK DOWN ON -She tends to look down on uncultured people. LOOK ON - Why don't you play soccer instead of just looking on? - He seems to look on me with distrust. LOOK AROUND -Don't make a hurried decision; lm;>k around first. LOOK ABOUT LOOK UP -Are you still looking about for a job? -He looked up all ofthe new words in his bilingual dictionary. - I have always looked up to mother. She's so patient and kind. LOOK FOR - If you are looking for trouble, you came to the right place. -They're looking for a new waiter in this bar. LOOK AFTER - He's a very nice boy who looks after granny when we are away. - I need a nurse to look after the children.


LOOK FOWARD - We are looking forward toseeing you LOOK THROUGH - Look through the window and tell me what you see. - She looked through me and then left. LOOK ROUND LOOK AWAY - Have a look round and tell me what you like. -He was not interested in what we were saying and looked away.



_ ---_ _ _ _ -]

-Come on! The train is going to leave.

COME ACROSS - I was on holiday in Portugal and I come across a workmateon the beach! COME AFTER - Don't come after me. COME FROM -Much of the oil consumed in Spain comes from Andalucia. COME FORWARD -Although there is a reward, no witness to the accident has come forward yet. - Will no one come forward as a candidate COME IN -He couldn't play tennis at the seaside because the tide was coming in. - He came in first in the marathon. COME ABOUT -How did all this come...
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