Phrasal verbs

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Lista Phrasal Verbs |
Phrasal Verb / vb compuesto | Significados en español | Ejemplo |
add (something) up | sumar algo | The waiter added the bill up in no time. |
break down | parar detrabajar, averiarse | The car broke down when we were arriving. |
blow up | explotar (bomba), desatarse (tormenta, crisis) | A storm blew up just after I left. |
blow (something/somebody) up | volara algo o a alguien | The car was blown up by two terrorists. |
break into (something) | entrar en algo (forzando la entrada) para robar | Burglars broke into my apartment while I was on holidays. |bring (somebody) up | criar y educar a un nio | I was brought up by my grandmother. |
carry on (doing/with something) | continuar haciendo algo | Carry on! You are doing it very well. |
carry on(with somebody) | estar liado con alguien (coloquial) | She is carrying on with her boss. |
check out of | pagar la factura y marcharse (hotel) | They checked out on monday. |
cheer (somebody) up| animar a alguien, animarse | She sent him a funny card to cheer him up |
close (something) down | cerrar o terminar una actividad | The factory was closed down last month. |
come by(something) | lograr, obtener, conseguir | Good teachers are hard to come by in this city. |
come down with | enfermarse | I came down with the flu last week. |
fall out with (somebody) | pelearse odiscutir con alguien | I fell out with my best friend. |
find (something) out | averiguar o enterarse de algo | You'll never find out what happened. |
get (something) across | comunicar una idea | I'mgoing to get across our idea to my boss. |
get away with | salir impune | She got away with stealing the money. |
get by | defenderse en algo, sobrevivir (financieramente) | She can get by inenglish. |
get on (with somebody) | llevarse bien con alguien | He doesn't get on with his parents. |
get on | continuar haciendo algo (trabajo) | You have to get on with your work. |
get out |...
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