Phrasal verbs

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Laid: Put or place something in position.
Lay: Be in a flat resting position.
Lying: The opposite of telling the truth.

BRING BACK = cause to remember
Hisvisit to the dentist brought back painful memories.

BRING ABOUT = cause, make happen
Moving to Greece brought about great changes in my life.

BRING UP = A.mention B. raise a child
A. I didn't want to bring up the fact that she was handicapped.
B. I was raised in Michigan but live in Greece.

BRING AROUND = changesomeone's opinion, convince someone of your way of thinking
She wants to stay but we'll bring her around to our point of view.

BRING DOWN = A. causegovernment to fall B. reduce price
A. The economic crisis brought down the weak government.
B. They brought down prices after the holiday but it didn't increase sales.BRING IN = A. Law To give or submit (a verdict) to a court. B. To produce, yield, or earn (profits or income).

Phrasel VerbMeaning Example
give someone away reveal hidden information about someone His wife gave him away to the police.
give something awaygive something to someone for free The library was giving away old books on Friday.
give something back return a borrowed item I have to give these skates back toFranz before his hockey game.
give something out give to many people (usually at no cost) They were giving out free perfume samples at the department store.
Givein Surrender or admit you can´t do something
Give in Hand work to be a teacher
give up on Stop being involded with a person because they disappoint you
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