Phrasal verbs

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Speak Plus 4.
Sentences with the correct objects in the blanks.

a. Pick up the toys, please. They are on the ground
b. Turn the TV off, I need to sleep now!
c.You have to clean the files up; they´re a mess (the opposite of order).
d. Please put the books away, we get ready for the test.
e. Hey friends turn down the radio please, the party is rowdy(very high sounds).
f. Please take off your boots; they´re grubby (very dirty).
g. Hang up your jacket, please. It´s in the tabouret (a chair).
h. Leo takes out the crash; the garbagecollector truck is coming.
i. Please let the dog out, it´s going to urinate (a basic necessity of humans and animals).
j. Turn on the lights, please. It´s 7 o´clock.
k. You have to throw awaythose old eyeglasses, they´re spoilt (bad condition).

Dears Classmates:
We are going to practice the “Phrasal Verbs”; topic that has been explained in the unit 11.
Please follow thenext steps for beginning a useful and fun game.
1. ______________ will assign a number for each one.
2. Make teams of 5 people maximum, taking as reference the number assigned in the stepnumber 1.
3. You have to choose a name for the team.
4. We´re going to give you a sheet with 11 uncompleted sentences.
5. In this box, there´s 11 pictures of objects. ___________ is going totake one object and he/she´ll show to the class.
6. Form this moment, each team has ten seconds for write the object word in the blank of the correct sentence.
7. The teams must to choose onlyone person that gives the answer sheet to the teacher.
8. The teacher will be the referee of the game.
9. The quantity of points that you could win, per each right answer is:
a. Firstplace: 3 points
b. Second place: 2 points
c. Third place: 1 point
10. At the end of the game, the team that has more points is the winner. It will have an excellent gif.
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