Phrasel verbs

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Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs - English Grammar

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Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal verbs, Prepositional verbs with special meaning - A-H
Phrasal verbs - Exercises Here we have listed verbs with adverbs and prepositions. These verbs have aspecial meaning, therefore we have used them in sentences. A-H Phrase A agree to agree with ask after B back off* be in be off* bear with bend over black out blame on blow up bowl over break away break free break loose break down break up bring along bring down bring in bring up build up burst in with butt in* C call in call off calm down carry on check out check up (on) close down close in (on) +person close down come around* come back come by come in come over cool down count (up) on cut back (on) cut out* D decide (up) on die off/out do again do in do up do without I decided on the iced tea. The court has not yet decided on a ruling. That species died out million years ago. I probably wouldn't do it again. He tried to do his father in. Please do your buttons up. I guess I will have to dowithout lunch today. He called Kelly in. I had to call off the barbecue because of the bad weather. Please calm down. Please carry on with your homework. I will check it out. There is no need to check up on me. The shop was closed down by the police. She closed in on them quietly. The restaurant was closed down by the health department. I knew he would come around in the end. Will the good old daysever come back? (1) My aunt came by yesterday. (2) I hope he came by this money honestly.* Can't you just come in for a few minutes? Why don't you come over next weekend? It began to cool down after the thunderstorm. Can we count on you? I have to cut back on the water usage. Cut it out! She was told to back off. Are your parents in? I'm off now. Please bear with him for a moment while he tries toput this straight. Bend over and pick it up yourself! And then she just blacked out. Don't blame it on her. The bomb might have blown up. Her reaction simply bowled me over. At last, the hostage could break away from his captors. Finally her car broke down. Sue and Tim broke up last year. This year has brought along some significant changes. The president was brought down by this scandal. My jobbrings in 400 dollars per week. (1) She was brought up in Wisconsin. (2) Why do you have to bring that up? He needs to do some exercises to build himself up. She burst in with the bad news. How can we talk when you keep butting in all the time? I wish she would agree to my proposal. I agree with him on that point. Mr. Smith asked after John. Example I-R S-Z

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