Physical sciences chapter 6 - sections and chapters review

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Section review #1

1. Use each of the following terms in a separate sentence: terminal velocity and free fall
The object that is free fall now is a terminal velocity by the change of velocity gravity

2. Which of the following is in projectile motion?
a. feather falling down in a vacuum
b. cat leaping on a toy
c. car driving up a hill
d. book laying on a desk

3. How does airresistance affect the acceleration of falling objects?
A. Air resistance reduces the acceleration of falling objects.

4. How does gravity affect the two components of projectile motion?
A. if there’s no gravity, the projectile will fall horizontal.

5. How is the acceleration of falling objects affected by gravity?
A. The acceleration due to gravity is the same force of gravity cause theacceleration of falling objects and causes them to fall slowly.

6. Why is the acceleration due to gravity the same for all objects?
A. Because the mass doesn’t affect the time the object takes to fall to the ground.
7. A rock at rest falls off a tall cliff and hits the valley bellow after 3.5 s. what is the rock velocity as it hits the ground?
A. 3.5s x 9.8m/s = 34.3m/s2

8. Think about asupport that uses a ball. Identify four examples from that sport in which an object is in projectile motion.
A. When we are playing volleyball.

9. The moon has no atmosphere. Predict what would happen if an astronaut on the moon dropped a hammer and a feather at the same time from the same weight.
A. They will not fall because in the moon the gravity is of 0.

Section review #2
1. In yourown words, write a definition for the term inertia
It refers to the first Newton law that is about something that is at rest maintain in at rest
2. Which of the following will increase the acceleration of an object that is pushed by a force?
a. Decreasing the mass of the object
b. Increasing the mass of the object
c. Increasing the force pushing an object

3. Give three examples of forcepairs that occur when you do your homework?
A. When we are writing, when we are getting off the page and when we are pushing a page to the another.

4. What does Newton first law of motion say about objects at rest and object in motion?
A. That it maintain at rest.

5. Use Newton second law to describe the relationship between force mass and acceleration
A. That and object with mass andacceleration shock with other the two will change his direction

6. What is the force if necessary to accelerate a 70kg object at rate of 4.2m?
A. The rate is of 16.6ms.

7. When a truck pulls a trailer, the trailer and the truck accelerate forward even though the action and reaction force are the same size?
A. because they are in opposite directions

8. Use Newton first law of motion toexplain why airbags in cars are important during head on collation?
A. they are important because when the head shock with the meddle the air bag will activate and that’s will made that the person didn’t suffer too much the shock at rest is at rest

Section review #3

1. Use the following term in a sentence: momentum
A. The momentum of an object depends on the object’s mass and velocity.2. Which of the followings has the smallest amount of momentum?
C: a baby crawling on the floor

3. Explain the law of conservation of momentum.
A. States that any time objects collide the total amount of momentum is true for any collision if no other forces act on the culling objects

4. How is Newton’s third law of motion related to the law of conservation of momentum?
A. The thirdlaw of Newton the total amount of motion stays the same

5. Calculate the momentum of a 2.5kg puppy that is running with a velocity of a 4.8m/s south
A. 12kg m/s

6. A car and a train are travelling with the same velocity. Do the two objects have the same momentum? Explain your answer
A. No because the train has a grater mass

7. When you catch a softball your hand and glove move in...