Physics alternative assessment

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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. In order to save fuel, an airline executive recommended the following changes in the airlines’ largest jet flights:

a. restrict the weight of personal luggage
b. remove pillows,blankets, and magazines from the cabin
c. lower flight altitudes by 5 percent
d. reduce flying speeds by 5 percent

Research information necessary to calculate the approximatekinetic and potential energy of a large passenger aircraft.
-PE=mass * gravity * height KE = 1/2 mv^2
Which of the measures described above would result in significant savings?
-A.Restrict the weight of personal luggage. This would be because the weight and mass of an object influences the amount of potential and kinetic energy used to accelerate the plane becauseof the extra weight. Extra fuel is required because the plane has to work harder to carry that extra weight. If personal luggage is reduced so will the amount of fuel be and as a resultincrease savings. B. Remove pillows, blankets, and magazines. This wouldn’t represent so much because these are objects with minimum weight that will not have a great effect on theamount of power the jet will use. C. Lower flight altitudes by 5 percent would only change the pressure which might be lower and the jet won’t have to face that opposing force as much. D.Reduce flying speeds by 5 percent. This would represent a significant change in savings because that reduces the amount of fuel used when flying the airplane.
What might be their otherconsequences?
-Other consequences might be longer flight times and reduction in pressure oxygen-wise.
In conclusion, restricting the weight of personal luggage with resultin the most significant savings because weight would directly affect the amount of fuel burned. The plane would have to carry a larger weight therefore would work harder to move with it.
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