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1. (a) (i) Draw the magnetic field pattern for a horseshoe magnet.

(ii) How would the diagram change if the magnet was dropped on the floor?(iii) Name the 3 essential requirements necessary to produce electricity.

2. (a) Using what your knowledge of light and its propertiesexplain the images seen below.

(i) (ii)


(i) Calculate the refractive indices forthe glass and diamond, given the diagrams below.

(ii) Now calculate the angle of refraction, given that the refractive index of water is 1.33.

(c) Asound wave travels through a solid with a wavelength of 2.1 m and a frequency of 300 Hz. What is the sped of the travelling wave?
3. For the pictures below,draw CLEARLY, using arrows pointed in the correct direction, ALL the forces acting on the objects in the picture. Also, NAME each of the forces.

4. (a) 3identical cans are balanced on a metre-rule on a pivot.

(i) Draw the forces acting on this set-up.
(ii) Consider each can to have a mass of M kg. What isthe weight of each can?
(iii) Using what you know about moments, calculate the distance from the pivot to the single can, if the set-up is balanced.
(b)State 3 instances where being able to calculate moments can be useful.

5. Calculate the current in the circuits below, given that the battery has avoltage of 6 V and each light bulb has a resistance of 3 Ω.

(i) (ii)
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