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This world talk about the life of one of the greatest statesmen that it has given the history of mankind. Loved and hated by his detractors the world after Bonaparte never was the same. Terms such as Austerlitz or Civil Code are symbols that automatically evoke his figure.
Educated by a loving family, he grew up sourrended of affection where he learned that the most important thing was the honorand the given word. Confident at the same time temperamental and impatient are some good qualities that throughout its history played against him.
In a post-revolutionary France where the ideals of July 14 were slowly losing it, this man took the reins of the highest social expression of human history. With a supernatural military genius, this research talk about of his military campaigns whereonly the union of four empires could make him succumbed. He Magnified and pacified France. The whole realistic Europe had to join to defeat him and to leave him without anything of what had managed.
His 135 later days will have been ephemeral but the affection proffesed by the french people, it was necessary to reconquer the country without the shot of a bullet.
In an essential epoch for thechnges that were given it is necesay yo highlight that Europe was modenized thanks to the napoleonic hosts.
Probably it will have been more heroic to falldown in the battlefield but it sinned of innocently by trust in the english word .
The exile and oblivion in Santa Elena was an unjust end for this soldier.


On 1764 was celebrated the marriage of Carlo Buonaparte andLetizia Ramolino in the modest cathedral of Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. Unlike the noble wedding that took place in the continent which were resolved based on the cradle and the money, this had been a wedding where love prevailed. Carlo, a tall blond lawyer, came from a family of Tuscany, however Leticia came from a family who had settled on the island 250 years ago.
In 1769, the marriage wasblessed with their second son they christened Napolioni, or Corsicans, Nabullione, in honor of an uncle of Leticia fallen in battle against the French.
As a child he was always full of energy and curiosity. He was generous and courteous to others. He was educated by his mother who mainly dealt with it. He was educated at home under the maxim that the pride and honor is above wealth.
Theirpreparation started it in a convent school and then he went to school of father Recco. He learned to write and read in Italian and excelled at arithmetic. When he was 7 years old his father was sent as representative of the island to take the oath to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and returning of Paris was notified of a provision by which the nobles come to less could receive free education. Themen could receive military training and those who wished to enter the church could go to seminary or convent. They parents decided Napoleon was the military college.


In 1778 Napoleon visited france for the first time where went to the College of Autum. There he stayed four months where he studied French, which was the language of educated Europe as it once was Latin. Inmid-May he was sent to the Champagne region, where he entered the Military Academy at Brienne that was run by Franciscans and were
considered one of the best in France.
His routine at the school began at six o'clock in the morning. He was arranged and dressed in his uniform. After he received lecture about the behavior and laws of France continuing with his instructions.
The current issues wereLatin, history, geography, mathematics and physics. At ten he were teaching building of fortifications, drawing and shading maps. At noon he had lunch, then he had an hour break and he resumed their classes. Between four and six depending on the day he received dance lessons, music, German and fencing, the English was an alternative. After two hours he devoted to their tasks and then he had dinner....
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