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How to Play
AGES 6 +
2+ Players




1. Turn over a mission card, read both missions out loud and
place it faceup next to the draw pile.
2. Everyone (including you) searches their top 4 picture cards
for an image that matches either one of the missions.
You cannot look for pics on the bottom card until you
have gotten rid of the top card.
3. As soon asanyone finds a matching pic, they slap that
picture card down on top of the mission card and yell out
Pictureka! Describe what it is that matches the mission.
4. If the other players agree, you’ve successfully matched that
picture card. If not, take it back and keep looking for those
missions until somebody gets rid of a card.
5. The player who dumped a card now reads out the next
missioncard and play continues.
You can drop a penguin wild card on any mission card.



The first player to get rid of all 8 of their cards wins the game.

78 picture cards (including 3 penguin wild cards) and 32 double
mission cards.


Tip: You’ll have to seperate the cards after each game.
Make one pile of mission cards and another of picture cards,
thenshuffle both piles separately.

Each of the 4 fab card games has a different objective and a
different pace. Choose a game to suit your mood:


Fabulous, frantic, fast and furious:
• 8-Away – As soon as you spot a mission pic on one of your
cards, you can get rid of it! First to dump all their cards wins.
Alphabetti – A frantic find-it-first frenzy. Race to find pics•
starting with a series of letters (e.g. A-K).
Gentle but juicy, creative but calm:
• Matchureka – Find 2 pics that match the mission in this
mellow matching game – focused fun for calm minds.
• Cow’s Creative Combo – Combine cards to complete your
missions – great for giving your creative thinking muscles
a workout.

2+ players

A high energy game to get the
party started.
Raceto find pics starting with a series
of letters (e.g. A-K).


• You don’t need the mission cards, so put them to one side.
• Shuffle the picture cards and give them to the oldest player
to start the game.

• On your first game, start at A and choose another letter in
the alphabet to end the game on (e.g. K).


How to Play

Rules for All Games:

1. On your turn, holdthe picture card deck facedown in your
hand, call out the target letter (A) and start turning cards
faceup. Lay down one card from the deck every 2 seconds.
Make a line of 4 cards, then go back and lay the next 4 cards
on top of the first 4, and so on.

• Shout Pictureka! when you find an image.
• If you shout Pictureka! before you have found an
image, you’re a sneaky cheat! The otherplayers
can pick a punishment for you.
• Penguin Wild Card. If you see a card that looks
like this, you’re in luck! You can use it to
represent ANY picture card in the deck.

Wild Card

2. All players (including you) search the pictures on the cards
for something beginning with A.

Game 1: 8-AWAY
2+ players

A ragged race game that gets
everyone flustered!
Get rid of all 8 of yourcards by spotting mission
pics on them. First to run out of cards wins.


• Shuffle the mission cards and place them in a facedown draw
pile in the middle.

• Shuffle the picture cards and deal 8, facedown, to

each player.
• Each player lays out their own picture cards, faceup,
in 4 piles of 2 cards as shown below.

3. As soon as anyone spots something, they shout Pictureka!and say what they see (e.g. APPLE!). If everyone agrees, that
player keeps the card. If there’s a disagreement, ignore the
claim and keep playing.
4. As soon as a pic is successfully spotted, it’s the next player’s
turn. Pass the card deck to the player on your left. They call
out the next letter (B) and start laying cards where you left off.
If the penguin pops up, he counts as any...
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