Piramyds of giza

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The Giza Pyramids

The three Pyramids of Giza –Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus- represent the highest achievement in pyramid construction. They were constructed between 2773 and 2563 B.C. and arelocated between 2723 and 2563 B.C. and are located on the left bank of the Nile River outside Cairo, Egypt. There is a great deal of speculation on the topic of pyramids; however, there are somewell-known facts about the precise construction of the Pyramids that Egyptologists have learned from many years of research.

The significance and meaning of the construction of the Pyramids are uniquelysacred and religious. A pyramid is a huge but simple structure to commemorate a dead king. The dead king had to continue to exist in the afterlife because he became divine (In part) and he had toassure the welfare and survival of his people. The most important pyramids were not constructed by hordes of humiliated slaves (as an old legend relates), but by the mass of Egyptian farmers, who weremotivated to participate in something sacred. Actual construction took place only when the Nile flooded and when field work was stopped. At this time the water came up to the desert and allowed thetransportation of the blocks of stone almost to the place of work. It took 100,000 men twenty years to build Cheops Pyramid and the exceptional system of provisioning must be admired. There must have beenhighly organized system for all these workers to receive the necessary water, food, materials, and tools so that Cheops could be finished in time.

The immense mass of material that must have beenused for the construction of the Pyramids is awesome. It has been estimated that the interior and exterior of the Cheops Pyramid are composed of about 2,300,000 separate limestone blocks, each averagingtwo and a half tons in weight and reaching a maximum of fifteen tons. Then there were ramps that were installed and progressively heightened and lengthened to allow the transportation of the...
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