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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2013
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Anthony Stewart
Persuasive Speech
Mari Burns

Pit-bull Fights

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Pit-bull are not born to fight and they had to be threaten like any animal.Central Idea Sentence: The Pit-bulls are dogs that tend to be aggressive but that does not mean they were born to be abused for fighting.

I. Attention: Video.

These animals are victims ofcruelty. Don’t support humane groups that don’t include these dogs in their circle of compassion. There will be those pathetic individuals who need an animal to do their fighting for them.

II. Need: Weknow that pit bulls are the kind of breed with the aggressive and bad reputation that people gave to them. Yes it’s true that Pit bulls as a breed are no stranger to fights of one sort or another.Sometimes its Pit bull fights where two or more dogs are pitted against each other. According to my search Pit bulls become to be aggressive because some owners only train or prepare them for fight.We’ve all heard about Pit bull fights. It still goes on even today, Even though they’re very much illegal and immoral. In fact, dog fighting rings are broken up by authorities much more often than youmight think and even more fights aren’t discovered in time to be broken up.
There are still people around who have no morals and are looking to turn a fast profit. Most of the irresponsible owners ustheir own Pit bull to benefit of them. And example is preparing their dogs for money. Because in the pit bull fights they do a kind of bet and the dog who wins the owner gets the money. Why today’speople take their animals for benefits, specially the Pit bulls. Pit bulls that are one of the most intelligent dogs with skills, strong and athletic bodies for do great activities. That’s if they haveowners that take care of them. Otherwise there is no reason to put them on fights, and be abusive.
Unfortunately there are some owners that give them a special training so they can be preparing for...