Pitch contro system

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Pitch Control System


The outcome of our experience in the sector, together with an analysis of our customers’ requirements and our ongoing endeavour to offer the bestsolutions for wind turbine electric and control equipment. A system characterised by its high reliability and precision, full adaptability to customer requirements, advanced technology, compact design andease of maintenance.

The Electric Pitch System regulates the wind turbine blade pitch angle with total control and precision, to maximize the wind energy harnessed. With safety as a key factor,the Ingeteam Pitch Control System has been designed to operate at high wind speeds and at turbulent sites.

The Ingeteam Pitch Control System is designed to enable the wind turbine to operate incompliance with the grid connection regulations during voltage drops and to perform controlled stoppages in emergency situations.

Ingeteam pitch control system: the best position to

Pitch ControlBasis
Commonly, the pitch control system consists of three electrical cabinets, one each blade. In case that the customer requires so, it is possible to include an additional central control cabinet.Individual pitch control. Individual emergency system. Pitch electric servo motor with gearbox. AC or DC MOTOCON® Controller.

Advanced Features
High reliability. Customized design. Compact androbust system. Vibration resistance. Long lifetime. Easy maintenance. High dynamic response. High positioning accuracy. Controlled stoppages for LVRT and emergencies. Regenerative braking. Self-diagnosis.Local and remote operation. Monitoring/Supervising tools. Communication protocol versatility.

Pitch box contents
Ingeteam MOTOCON® Controller. Energy storage system (batteries/supercapacitors).Battery/Supercapacitor monitoring (V, I, Temp). Battery/Supercapacitor charger. Circuit protections and voltage supply distribution components. External sectionalizer. Local/Remote switch. Manual...
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