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The history of pizza probably begins with the history of the use of bread by mankind. There is evidence that in ancient Greece (birthplace of the flat breads) which already served the plakuntosdecorated with herbs, spices, garlic and onion, at the time of Darius I the Great (521-486 BC) the Persian soldiers took flat bread with cheese and dates at the top, [1] and Virgil in the Aeneid mentions asimilar dish. [2]

Many authors claim that the pizza, as currently known, comes from the city of Naples (Italy) and appears as a popular dish among the Neapolitans, at some undefined time in theseventeenth century. [3] is therefore that pizza comes from food prepared by the humble inhabitants of the city of Naples and the composition is not as varied as today.

The flat breads andpreparations based on them, like pizza, are typical of Mediterranean cuisines. Thus, there is the old "focaccia" (very popular food among the Roman soldiers) going back to the ancient Etruscans, coca (whichhas sweet and savory variations) of Spanish cuisine, pita bread and Greek related Turkish "Requests", the African injera. Similar breads exist outside the Mediterranean area between them is the nativeIndian "paratha" and German "flammkuchen." The existence of these local variations have made the name of the "pizza" has been diluted in a host of regional variations.

The pizza is a food easy toprepare and simplidad mixing basic ingredients. Its consumption is a social phenomenon, often hears the question "Should we have a pizza?" And a group of people understands that you have to chooseonly to cover ingredients. The pizza is one of the more global fast food (along with the burger), which has spread from Naples to the rest of Italy and subsequently the world, perhaps because the Italianimmigration to various parties, diaspora outside the borders took this plate. [4] Since the invention, the pizza has been amended many regional, for example in Rome is very popular pizza al taglio,...
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