Place of healing

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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2010
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The design of a Place for Healing has evolved to offer a harmonious relationship of the occupant with nature. Elbow Islands Park presents a beautiful natural surrounding that will provide the possibility for short walks, for reveries along the river's edge, for watching plants. Or birds and other animals. The dense foliage and wild character of this environment is viewed as a special quality thatshould be preserved and stay untouched to a large degree by the creation of this
Facility. However, the opportunity is presented to enhance this environment by carefully and sensitively alter some areas, resulting in the whole island to become part of the healing retreat. Since the facility will be located on the western island, it is proposed to limit alterations to this part and to leave theeastern island as it is. Also, the creation of most of the new exterior interventions will be held close to the proximity of the facility in order to preserve the islands'
natural quality and beauty.

In addition to the ideas and considerations mentioned above, special thought has been given to certain aspects and construction details in the creation of this design proposal that enhance thecomfort and well-being of the patients.

Windows and Natural Light
The design of windows is given careful attention. Windows are an important feature not only
to allow natural light to enter the spaces, but also to connect the interior with the natural surroundings, to the flower garden and the existing foliage of the island. They establish the observation of changing weather conditions as well asallow the spaces to be transformed according to the variations in light over the course of the day and the passing of the seasons. Daylight appeals to the senses as well as affects the physical well-being of the occupant.32 On the other hand; views from the exterior into the building may be unwanted for some spaces.
Smaller individual windows will penetrate the sheltering stone walls. Toward itscentre, the
Building opens up and provides large glazed walls that allow h e interior to becon: flooded wit11
Light. In the treatment spaces and the in-patient bedrooms, windowsills are low in order for the patient to be able to obtain a view to the outside while lying down and to capitalize on the therapeutic effect of nature.') Also, a skylight or clerestory will be provided to see the skyfrom a lying position. In most spaces, for example the treatment rooms and in-patient bedrooms, windows will be operable, in order to allow for natural ventilation his will also provide a close relationship to the natural surrounding and allow to hear the sound of birds, the rustling leaves or the sound of water.
Borrowed light will be utilized for some spaces, such as in the nurses' station on thesecond
Floor and the store. The interior windows of the store are provided not only for the space to receive more natural light, but also to create the opportunity for public display of merchandise toward the atrium.
To achieve a desired level of privacy while still maintaining the connection to the outside and
also to be able to adjust daylight conditions and to prevent glare, window shadingwill be provided
in the form of shutters or textile blinds that can be easily adjusted according to weather conditions
and required privacy. This is especially important in the atrium where a large amount of roof glazing has been provided.

Artificial Illumination
Artificial lighting is an important feature to achieve good working conditions while providing
favourable lighting moods, thisresulting in positive psychological responses of the building occupants.
Incandescent lighting sources are suggested since fluorescent lighting has been found to increase
hyperactivity in occupants.8" For the background lighting in the treatment and in-patient bedrooms the light source will be hidden in order to provide passive light and to prevent glare for a patient lying on a bed. For...
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