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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Plagiarism: the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.


For many yearsplagiarism has been a big problem in society. It is more common to hear about this at school or universities. People ignore what is plagiarism, they confuse what is the different about research andplagiarism, it’s unethical and illegal, and I think it’s because of the need of more education about the topic. You can't copy a work from other person and call it your own work. That's why students hear a lotfrom their teachers that is wrong to copy someone else's work.

There's confusion about what is plagiarism and research. Both of them are completely different. Researching is totally fine, but whenit comes to plagiarism, that's wrong. Some people see or think about plagiarism as copying or borrowing someone else's ideas or work. So when you're "borrowing" another work and you don't give credit,you are committing plagiarism.    

Plagiarism is unethical and wrong for some reasons. Some instructors say that when you deny yourself the opportunity to learn is a reason of copying. Peoplecould lose trust on you if they find out that you're stealing. When the teacher evaluates your work, they see that you commit fraud. Also, when you deny that another author owns the credit for their work,is stealing. At last, you show disrespect for your peers who have done their own work.

Why is plagiarism illegal? Some resources say plagiarism is illegal, because you are using someone's workwithout giving the proper credit. In schools, teachers can give you an F or even get suspended. When you do plagiarism, your teacher doesn't have to take you to court, but it has consequences. Thestudents need to make sure that they’re not doing it, so they don’t have to suffer the consequences when the teachers evaluate the work.
The plagiarism can be preventive in many ways. Is needed that...
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