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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2012
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Mexico is an important trading partner of the U.S. especially Canada, was disrupted in the short run, various
measures were put in place to minimize these disruptions. And, indeed, they mayactually expedite border crossings for an important class of trade .

the short run
effects of 9/11 have not been great on foreign economies. The quest for greater
security will, however, impose a longerrun cost on the world economy both in terms
of a decline in productivity growth and, possibly, greater impediments to the free
movement of goods, services, and capital. These flows have contributedimmeasurably to the integration of the world economy and its efficient functioning.

In the days following the 9/11 attack, the
agriculture sector experienced some initial economic setbacks dueto the halt of
commodities futures trading and losses from delayed shipment
commodities by air and by truck along U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico. These
losses proved transitory; nonetheless,the changing geopolitical developments that
have followed 9/11 have injected a significant amount of uncertainty into any
predictions about world markets.

Several factors are shaping theincreasingly fractious debate about Mexican immigration. Security is most prominent: many politicians and commentators have posed the Mexican border as a security threat. Migration has long had securityimplications, but mostly linked to “social” security—jobs, welfare, etc.4 Today it is the threat of terrorism that frames debate. The fear—thus far, unfounded—that al Qaeda will sneak across the “unguarded”2,000-mile border accounts for the urgency.5 In fact, the House bill is called the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005.
The security mix with the moreordinary opposition to Mexican migrants, a longstanding tendency in American history. Related to issues of overwhelmed border area hospitals and schools, competition for low-skilled jobs, and the effect...
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