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Lesson N°5: (JuLy, 30th)

Trainee’s name: Cabanas, María Amalia
Course at college: 4 th
Course at school: 4th A
Teacher of the course: Silvia, Anselmo

THEME: Clothes.

AIMS: The aimof this lesson is to revise the use of “I´m wearing + colour + noun”. At the end of this lesson the students will be able to describe what they are wearing, both orally and written.

FINAL TASK: Thestudents will draw themselves and describe the picture.

New: old, new.

Recycled: Colours (revision): red, blue, yellow, pink and purple.Clothes: Dress, jeans, T-shirt, trousers, skirt, jumper, gloves and shoes.

Grammar: Recycled: colour + object, indefinite article A/AN for singularobjects and identification of plural objects, I´m/I am wear + ING.

EVALUATION/ASSESMENT: The teacher will assess the students during the activities throughout the whole lesson (Formativeassessment)

RESOURCES: Flashcards, book (“Go 1” by Tinta fresca) and copies.

Time: 50 min.

The teacher will greet the students as in previous lessons:

“Good afternoon (two claps),Good afternoon (two claps), Good afternoon Miss Amalia, Good afternoon (two claps)”

(The Addams Family tune)

Pre-task: (10 min. each)

1. (10 min. aprox.) The teacher will first read atext, which appears in the text book(1). After that she´ll ask some students to read it again, aloud. She will focus the students´ attention on the sentence “I´M WEARING MY BLUE T-SHIRT” as it is astructure that has been already taught to the students, to check if they remember, the teacher will ask some volunteers to make oral sentences describing what they are wearing.

In the text, two newadjectives appear, NEW and OLD; the teacher will highlight these new words and stick some flashcards on the BB for students to identify the meaning of the new vocabulary. Now the teacher will ask...
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