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Plan de clase | Living in the City 1º |
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Logros e indicadores de logroThe student: * Mentions and describes places and characteristics of a city. * Gives opinions about thecity.
Materiales * Pictures that represent parts and characteristics of a city * Typical city sounds recorded in a cassette (cars, car horns, people talking, etc.) * A CD with nature soundsPreparaciónWrite the word CITY on the board and elicit some words related to it. Use them to make a word map on the board. Then, invite students to describe their city or town. Is it big, small, busy,noisy? Do they like it? How much do they know about it? DesarrolloTell your students to close their eyes and play the tape where you recorded some of the typical city sounds. Ask them to imagine ascene based on those sounds they are listening to. Then, tell them to open their eyes and draw what they imagined. Allow them to look for some vocabulary in their dictionaries to write some key wordsaround their pictures.Encourage the production of as much vocabulary as possible based on the pictures. Elicit words such as entertainment, traffic jam and pollution to reflect about the relation betweencitizens and the city.Then, ask them to take out a piece of paper and play the CD which contains nature sounds. Tell them to write as many words as possible while they listen to the CD. They can usetheir mother tongue, if they don?t know how to say something they feel it is important to write. Then, stop the CD and ask the students to share what they wrote.Make a chart on the board in order tocompare life in the city and life in the countryside and allow kids to reflect and draw conclusions. Profundización
Say whether you like something or not. Draw on the board simple sketches of two verycommon but meaningful things for children, over which they can give their opinions rapidly, for example a car and a bike or an alarm clock and a bird singing. Which one do they prefer? Analyze...
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