Plan de mercadeo de empresa

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  • Publicado : 4 de junio de 2011
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1. Product

1. Arequipe

The image that Alpina have for their ‘’Caramel Spread’’ must be attractive for the customers, so what we are looking for enter in the Brazil market, is choose this image that for us is the most attractive for the Brazilian consumers.

2. Alpina

It is a Colombian company with over 64 yearsexperience, committed to partnership with the firm intention of healthy foods. Meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the development of manufacturing, processing, developing, distributing, importing, exporting, buying and selling food products, especially dairy products and soft drinks.

2. World economy analysis

The recession that all the world had, became a problem in all theeconomies around the world. Over the past year, there have been warnings of a worsening housing recession, a severe credit crunch and financial meltdown, high oil prices, unemployment, and a saving-less and debt-burdened consumers being on the ropes causing an economy wide recession. Among the main factors of the crisis would be the overvaluation of the product, the global food crisis, globalinflation, high commodity prices and the threat of a worldwide recession and a credit crisis and mortgage confidence in the markets.

The United States, the world's largest economy, came in 2008 with a severe drop in the abnormally low value of the dollar as well as a credit and mortgage crisis that hit the housing bubble coming strong to suffer, since the loans were made trained unplayable as aresult millions of people who had their houses mortgaged the lost. Illiquidity of the banks that led to this one is broken Downey Savings & Loan.

Japan, for example, suffered a contraction of -0.6%[1]. Australia and New Zealand also experienced contractions. Without leaving aside the strong concern about the future of the countries with powerful emerging economies, as is the uncertainty incountries such as China and India in Asia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in Latin or South Africa in Africa , each of them leaders in their regions, also affected by the current economic crisis.

3. Continental analysis

Colombia from 2002 to 2006 had entered a growth cycle of the economy due to the favorable international conditions which allowed the Colombian economy to perform well in its tradebalance, resulting from increased international demand for primary products which due to the increase in the quantity demanded results in an increase in prices of raw materials globally. Colombia is therefore economically benefit to the extent that increased both the quantity and the price of their exports achieved a good rate of economic growth.

Venezuela is undergoing a spasm of stagflation(economic stagnation + inflation). Price control has generated strong repressed inflation (scarcity and shortages), and control of change has caused a very significant overvaluation in the country. Inflation has become a riot, the bolivar has suffered a sharp depreciation, unemployment worsened, there was the closure of thousands of businesses and social and economic sectors had achieved inprinciple contribute positively to economic development went bankrupt or simply disappeared. The crisis is Venezuela with an almost total dependence on oil income, which represents 94% of foreign exchange earnings into the country. The oil company PDVSA is significantly impaired in its managerial, operational and financial. The Venezuelan economy has been suffering from high and rising inflation, which isa problem that has become critical for the population, especially for lower income families. The prices of goods and services available in the national economy will continue inflating, from the point of the economists, but its pace will be 'moderately' high at the end of 2010.

In the case of Bolivia in the midst of global recession, the economy of Bolivia, with the highest rates of poverty...
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