Plan de mercadeo tienda de ropa

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Marketing Plan


Introduction: Using the Marketing Planning Framework

1. Terms of Reference

2. Executive Summary

3. Business Mission

4. External Marketing Audit

The Market

5. Internal Marketing Audit

Operating Results
Strategic Issues Analysis
Marketing Mix Effectiveness
Marketing Structures and Systems

6.SWOT Analysis

7. Marketing Objectives

Strategic Thrust
Strategic Objectives

8. Core Strategy

Target Market(s)
Competitor Targets
Competitive Advantage

9. Marketing Mix Decisions


10. Organization and Implementation

11. Control

Marketing Planning Using the Framework

The marketing planning framework isdesigned to provide a structured approach to the production of a marketing plan, It follows the stages of the marketing planning process outlined and discussed in Chapter 2 of the textbook.

The framework can be used in a number of ways including:

• Analysing cases that require the production of marketing plan. By following the process described here, a case study can be analysed to create astrengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) chart. This can then be used to produce practical marketing recommendations.

• Enabling project work that requires a marketing plan to be completed. Project work may take the form of within-module assessment or a separate exercise conducted at the end of a marketing or management course. In both cases the template described here can assistthe completion of the report by providing a logical structure to the data collection analysis and the formulation of recommendations.

• Facilitating in-company marketing planning. The framework is not an academic exercise that bears no relation to how marketing planning should take place in the real world. It has been tried and tested within companies and has proven invaluable in providingan easily applied structure to marketing thinking and analysis.

For maximum value, the framework should be used in conjunction with the discussion if marketing planning in Chapter 2 of the textbook.

1. Terms Of Reference

The terms of reference state the objectives of the marketing planning exercise and its coverage.

2. Executive Summary

The executive summary describes the report’smajor findings and recommendations. It is designed to provide a busy reader with the major issues contained in the report. The executive summary allows the reader to gain insight to key outcomes without having to read all of the report. Bullet-points can be used to present the key points in the executive summary.

3. Business Mission

The business mission is a broadly defined, enduringstatement of purpose that distinguishes a business from others of its type.

It should state “what business is the company in?” and “what business does it want to be in?”. It may include the markets being served, the customer needs being satisfied, and the technology used.

A mission statement can dramatically affect the range of a firm’s marketing activities by narrowing or broadening thecompetitive playing field.

4. External Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is a systematic examination of a business marketing environment, objectives, strategies and activities, with a view to identifying key strategic issues, problem areas, and opportunities. It provides the basis upon which a plan of action to improve marketing performance can be built.

The external marketing audit focuseson:

• Macroenvironment
• The market
• Competition

Note that information may not be available on all of the areas listed under each topic.

For further information, see Chapters 3,4,5,6,7 and 17.


The macroenvironment consists of broad environmental issues that impinge on the business. You may wish to analyse it using the following headings:...
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