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Davis's Ice Cream

1.0 Executive Summary
Davis’s Ice Creams has grown successfully in the San Diego area for the last ten years. It has
five locations, a thriving catering business, and supplies ice cream to over 30 restaurants in San
Diego. Davis’s has built up customer loyalty by offering a very eclectic variety of ice creams
including alcohol flavoredselections. But must importantly, customers are entertained by the staff
at each shop. Making the trip to the ice cream shop is fun and unforgettable. The target market
are young people ages 15 to 35 years of age, who will enjoy the sometime off color humor and
would be attracted by the selections like Black Velvet ice cream. The brand image is
unpredictable fun.
Davis’s Ice Cream has carvedout a unique identity for its shops in San Diego. By focusing on
creating an environment that entertains the target customer groups, Davis’s has become
something more than just an ice cream shop. Davis’s is now considered entertainment. "Party in
a Cone" is the company tagline. The staff is selected to create a unique party environment at
each shop. Each shop's personality is a product of thestaff chemistry.
Davis’s now plans to expand into Los Angeles County. The company has selected Northeast Los
Angeles County to open six new ice cream shops because it shares some of the same population
demographics as San Diego but more importantly the competition is weak in the area and the
cost of advertising is cheaper.
DigitalCity's survey on consumer buying habits in Los Angeles Countyindicated that 55% of ice
cream shop customers are between the ages of 15 to 40. This represents a unique opportunity
for an ice cream shop to go after this target market and win market share. Currently, the
competition is focused on children or location. The assumption is that there are no other
compelling reasons for a customer to select one ice cream shop over another.
Over the past fiveyears, there has been tremendous growth in Northeast Los Angeles County.
Currently the area has over 2 million residents. The area shares many characteristics and
aspects with San Diego. The area is predominantly affluent with incomes ranging between
$40,000 and $80,000. The average age of the area's residents is 35.
Davis’s will be expanding into the following Northeast communities:






Northeast Los Angeles County has two local newspapers, the Glendale Herald and the Pasadena
Sun. The are also has three advertising flyers that can carry four-color inserts. The newspaper
and the free publications cover over 80% of Northeast Los Angeles County. The cost of
advertising through these publications is afraction of the cost of advertising in the Los Angeles
The three targets for the ice cream shop are teenagers, college-aged young people, and young
urban professionals. The current survey data on the residents of Northeast Los Angeles County is
that 65% of the residents are under the age of 38. This group percentage will grow as new
construction continues in the area.

The IMC objectivesfor Davis’s Ice Cream will be to establish the company's brand positioning
and development strategies with the targeted customer groups. Based on the communication
opportunity analysis, the following three IMC Objectives will be the focus of this IMC plan:
1. Increase shop product and service awareness with target customer groups.
2. Strengthen relationships with suppliers.
3. Increaseawareness of catering service with area businesses.
Advertising will be used to develop the party atmosphere that is essential to bringing in Davis’s
target customer groups. Sponsorships and public relations events will be used to reinforce the ad
campaign. Promotions will be used to increase customer traffic. Davis’s positioning strategy is the
center of all the company's communication efforts....
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