Plan de negocios passive houses

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Passive house is a specific construction standard for residential buildings with good comfort conditions during winter and summer, without traditional heating systems and without activecooling. This type of house includes very good insulation levels, very good airtightness of the building, whilst a good indoor air quality is guaranteed by a mechanical ventilation system with highlyefficient heat recovery.
* Reduced heat loss by high level insulation on walls, floors, roofs;
* Reduced heat loss by extreme air-tightness of the building;
* Guaranteed airquality by mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery;
* Use of passive solar energy;
* Low energy demand by using efficient appliances.

Figure 1 Comparison of EnergyRatings of Homes


The initial cost of passive house construction is greater than a “normal house”. There seems to be an increased cost of about 10% [4]. This value can bevaried greatly depending on the design of the house. This figure should be reduced in the near future with the development of new technologies as well as the mass production of passive housecomponents. This cost comes from the special features of a passive house, the triple pane low e windows, the mechanical ventilation system, and the precision construction required for a tight thermal envelope.All of this initial cost goes towards reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the building and therefore the real economic benefit of building a passive house is seen in the savings comingfrom the power bill. There is a trend in the energy market today; the cost for electricity seems to be on the rise. Depending on the price of electricity in the location where the passive house isbuilt savings will be different. There is also an added bonus in countries where the government has come up with some finical subsidies for the construction of environmental buildings.

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