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Marketing & Business Plan
Joint Venture

Developed for:
Cal State Contractors
Construction eBidboard, Inc
By Antonio S. Rodriguez 08/2005

Executive Summary
Construction Bidboard, Inc. (CBI) addresses a frustrating problem for the $217 billion public construction sector. The industry, comprised of public agencies, architectural and engineering firms, contractors, subcontractors,suppliers and service providers, relies on an antiquated and inefficient bidding process thereby introducing substantial business risk for all parties. The current project solicitation and bidding system is based on burdensome processes, inaccurate information and archaic communication methods. As a result, projects are frequently compromised before the work begins and too much time and money iswasted because of these inefficient methodologies.

The addressable market for CBI’s flagship product, eBidboard™, is $224 million with expansion into related services and products that would target a $1 billion addressable market in the U.S. CBI is currently targeting the contracting community, which consists of the contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and service providers that performnon-residential construction in the public sector. The company will expand into the architectural and engineering community and private sector to reach the aforementioned $1 billion market.

Construction Bidboard has designed, developed and successfully brought to market eBidboard™, a web-enabled, interactive data service, specifically created for the construction industry. The servicedrastically improves the project solicitation, proposal, and bidding process for owners of construction projects (public agencies) and the contracting community. As a result, it saves significant time and money and facilitates better bids and proposals, therefore, reducing business risk for all industry participants. The proof of the value of the eBidboard service is as follows:

• Thelargest industry associations in California have endorsed the service (See below).
• Since the completion of beta testing in August of 2002, 140 agencies, including the agencies with the largest construction projects, have implemented the service and have posted more than $4 billion of projects on eBidboard. Numerous additional agencies are in the pipeline.
• Within seven months ofselling activities with limited marketing and sales initiatives, there are 150 paying subscribers.

Associations endorsing eBidboard
• Associated General Contractors of California (AGCC)
• Engineering Contractors’ Association of California (ECA)
• Southern California Contractors Association (SCCA)
• Engineering General Contractors Association (EGCA)Large addressable market - $11 million for southern California and $244 million for the United States. CBI is currently targeting the contracting community consisting of contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and service providers that perform non-residential construction in the public sector. With additional value-added services eBidboard will target the architectural and engineering communityand the private sector with an addressable market of $55 million in southern California and $1 billion domestically.
The purpose of this plan is to create a strategic relationship between Construction BidBoard Inc, (CBI) and California State Contractors, to provide CSC students and graduates with a tool that will enable them to grow their business faster than any other method available. Forjust a few hundred dollars per year, CSC students and alumni will be provided with an information tool that will provide them everything they need to win California public construction business including:

Public Bid Notification All construction related notification
Open Bids
Intent to Bid
Bid Items
Bid Results
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