Plan de negocios

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1 Introductory Page
(a) Name and address of business

(b) Name(s) and address (es) of principals

(c) Nature of business

(d) Statement of financing needed

(e)Statement of confidentiality of report

2 Executive Summary
Three to four pages summarizing the complete business plan.

3 Industry Analysis

(a) Future outlook and trends

(b) Analysis ofcompetitors


Rapidly business growth, because there is not direct competition. The first step would be to identify the competitive landscape and study their highest points ofperformance to know how to manage our business by using their strategies that are successful for them, and looking for the unique selling purpose of our service and marking the benefits that make thedifference point and that represent a plus, so n that way our service would be perceived as anyone else.

Indirect Competition

* Liquor outlets
* Private Liquor Shops
* Distribution stores* Bars

(c) Market segmentation

Geographic scope

* National: North part of Quito

Demographic scope

* Gender: Men
* Education level: University
* Socioeconomic position:medium, high/medium
* Age: 20 to 35 years
* Status: Everyone

Psychological profile

* Liquor consumers
* Party lovers
* Comfortable lifestyle
* Alcoholic culture
*People who have a hitch to go out
* Greet each other by gifting liquor

(d) Industry forecasts

* In Ecuador there is a high alcohol consume average.
* People is looking for comfortbecause lots of reasons like insecurity
4 Description of Venture
(a) Product (s)
(b) Services (s)
(c) Size of business
(d) Office equipment and personnel
(e) Background of entrepreneurs

5Marketing Plan
(a) Pricing
(b) Distribution
(c) Production
(d) Product forecasts
(e) Controls

76Organisational Plan
(a) Form of ownership
(b) Identification of partners or principal shareholders...
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