Plan de negocios

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Business Plan
Business Details
Business name

Type of business



Phone number


Email address

Legal Status of the Business (highlight one ordelete those which do not apply)

Sole trader Partnership Limited Company Other (please state)

Business Principals

Business owner (if sole trader)

Partners (if partnership)

- state %ownership of each partner

Directors (if limited company)

Regulatory Requirements (highlight all that apply)

Licenses required Local Authority Environmental
Other (please state)Insurances required Employer’s Liability Public Liability
Professional Indemnity
Associations/memberships required

The Business Concept

Background : what is the background toyour business concept?

Product or service : what products or services do you plan to offer?

Experience : what experience do you have in the field/sector in which you will be operating?Qualifications : what qualifications do the business’s key individuals have which are relevant to the business?

Business secured : have you secured, or been promised, any contracts/work already?

KeyPeople in the Business

Name Age Qualifications Experience

Market Research

Who are your target customers? : highlight all boxes which describe the people youexpect to be your customers

Sex Male Female All sexes
Age Under 18 18-30 30-60 60+ All ages
Ethnicity British European Asian African All ethnicities
Caribbean American Other (please state)

Deskresearch carried out

Field research carried out

Research results

Product/service description Demand for product/service Competitors Target customer profile Customer needs/wantsCompetitor Analysis

Name Location Strengths Weaknesses Key benefits

Marketing Mix

When making buying...
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