Plan de turismo de el salvador 2014

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The touristic activity in the international arena provides important revenue for the various destinations receptors that are located in all over the world. Such destinations experience different stages of development identified by scale and demand growth, as well as the situation and articulation it offers, all of which provides, among other factors, their perceived image. In thisarea, begins to excel Central America, which presents significant growth expectations, with growth rates exceeding that of many destinations considered mature.
The governments of Central American countries, aware of the synergies achieved by joining forces, opt for an integration which in fact involves the development of tourism in the region. However, the Central American destinations areheterogeneous situations in terms of resources, infrastructure, human capital and other key factors that determine the ranking of tourist arrivals and income.
Such differences must be transformed into target areas to achieve a truly integrated American global and individual positioning of each country in the international market. Therefore, the countries of the region become, at the same time, strategicpartners and competitors in the same race towards development and consolidation of the resorts.
El Salvador stands out in this environment, offering political and economic stability as well as a variety and richness of resources and attractions, which take the country of great competitive advantages in tourism. The arrival of tourists to El Salvador used as evidence, approaching the one millionannual visitors , in addition to significant rates of growth.

As part of a National Tourism Plan, the vision becomes the cornerstone strategy that is designed for the target. Indeed, broadly speaking, the General Strategy for Tourism in El Salvador be defined by two elements:
1. What we want, want and aspire to achieve in the time horizon defined, identification ofmeaning and contribution of tourism in the year 2014 for the whole of the Republic of El Salvador.
2. The positioning of our tourist destination in the market, is perceived understood and characterized, as far as possible, desired.
The first component is the Vision. A key concept and design for strategies and specific actions of the National Tourism Plan 2014.

In the case of El Salvador, theVision is defined as follows:
"In 2014, tourism in El Salvador will be consolidated as an indispensable tool for the revitalization and social welfare of all Salvadorans, the enhancement and conservation of resources and regeneration strategy for the economy and employment in the country.
El Salvador is a competitive tourist destination in Central America, which will be positioned as marketleader in those segments in which, by their singularity, can promote a significant differential advantage.
A country that joins the path of a projection for all major tourists Central America and supported by a brand-country recognized, presented as thematic tourism destination integrator specializing in a recognized framework of political stability, social and economic. "

Synthesizers Aspects ofVision:
* Indispensable tool for improving the competitiveness of its economy, employment, welfare and social integration of the population.
* Positioning of El Salvador in the whole Central American destinations.
* Brand image-defined destination country.
* Destination differentiated and recognized stability
* Presence in the market with a range of specialized thematic cars.MISSION
Under the 2014 National Tourism Plan of El Salvador the concept of Mission should refer to the field of basic activity of both public organizations and privates with activity or competence in the tourism sector.
Consequently, the Mission serves the tourism industry and a general guide to many actions to be carried out in order to achieve OBJECTIVES contemplated in this National Plan....
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