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Company Name or Logo

Hotel Business Plan
Period: 200_ - 200_

Company address
City, (State), Zip code
Phone: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890
Web Site: www.


Table of Contents {add/deleteentries by changing Heading style where appropriate}


Introduction 3

Executive summary 5

Marketing 12

The ABC Hotel product mix 12

Market analysis 17

Marketing goals & strategies 19

Competitive research 20

Pricing strategy 22

Operations 23

Advertising and promotion 26

SWOT analysis 28

Theorganizational structure 30

Management and personnel 30

Administrative organization 32

Financial plan 33

The investment budget 33

Statistical data (ratios) 39

The return on investment 41

Timeline 42

Appendices 43

Copyright © 2007 ABC Hotel Corporation. All rights reserved.

By accepting a copy of this report, the recipient agrees not to reproduce it in whole orin part, not to use it for any other purpose than reading, and not to disclose any of its contents to third parties without written permission of ABC Hotel. The report is furnished for information purposes only. No representation or warranty is made by ABC Hotel or any other entity as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, and nothing contained in the report is, or shall be, reliedon as a promise or representation of the future.


Business description

ABC Hotel is a _______ hotel and offers simple / high-end / luxury accommodation and associated amenities to local, regional, national and international tourists and travellers. For business travellers we offer a wide range of facilities such as conference and meeting rooms and exhibition space, includingall necessary conferencing equipment and security.

Business formation

The company will start / was started by _________ in 200_. The company form is going to be sole proprietor, limited company (Ltd), Incorporated (Inc), Corporation (Corp), Limited Liability Company (LLC), Co-operative. Registration is in the State of ____________ under number: __________. The company now employs __ people,including Mr. / Mrs. _________, who ____________________.
For federal income tax purposes, ABC is classified as a subchapter S corporation.


The president / CEO / managing director is Mr. / Mrs. ________________ and the _________ is __________. Mr. / Mrs. _____________ will act as secretary for the business.

The Board of Directors consists of ____________, _____________,_____________, and they have the principal responsibility for fulfilment of the bank's mission and the legal accountability for its operations.

Our Board of Directors further ensures adequate human and financial resources and actively monitors and evaluates the organization's executive director / CEO, as well as the overall financial results. The board members approve and implement policies to ensureachievement of the mission of the organization and to prevent perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest. They will accomplish these functions through regular meetings scheduled weekly / monthly

Management team

ABC’s management team has direct knowledge of the hospitality industry and possesses the necessary professional administration skills. Our team includes _________,...
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