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FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010
MEXICO CITY, June 7 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- A few days the start of the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010, companies are bracing for the race sport without endangering their productivity through absence of their employees.
Managers, human capital consulting and human resources departments of various organizations warn that failure to take adequatemeasures could be increased absenteeism in the coming weeks Lizbeth Tuscany, public relations manager for Manpower, said that 70% of employees see the from global workspace, which will mean a drop in productivity of 20%.
But he said that despite record this low, you better let them see these types of events within companies so as not to experience the absenteeism that might result in the loss oftheir jobs.
“A motivated employee will always be more productive, this does not mean they do not do business, if a process must be ready before the start of the matches, the employee must do his job, then surely come long before they start games, "he said.
Most companies consider that absenteeism is not significant between 11 June and 11 July, a period in which global competition is carried outbecause the experience was instrumental in taking the necessary precautions.
World Cup history and statistics Hundreds of companies during the 2002 Korea-Japan World realized the importance of implementing strategies and locks do not undermine the production staff and no premises during working hours.
Although the rate of absenteeism of unionized workers increased from 6.9% to 10.35% nationally andto take appropriate precautions in the 2006 World Cup, according to the firm Aon Consulting, not taking into account the effects felt, could increased from 10% to 14% of union members.
On the eve of the 2010 World Cup,, a company dedicated to the online job search, conducted a survey on the topic in various countries such as Spain, Mexico, United States, Canada and the UnitedKingdom, resulting in overall that 62% of participants are not interested in seeing the World Cup, contrasting data with 9% that will behind her head, while the percentage of people who enjoy the World Cup with permission of their employer amounts to 12% and 17% did not have the opportunity because his boss will not allow it.
In Mexico, 36% of the respondents reported not being interested in justfootball, but the percentage of fans will see it or hear it with the consent of his boss amounts to 33%, only 13% will be lost transmissions because their bosses do not those authorized to see it, either by company policy or because the employer does not want to lose productivity, but 18% will manage to see it without realizing the pattern.
Technical direction by being aware of the complexity thatrepresent events of this type where the Mexican population in mostly like football, employers take the necessary precautions to enjoy the football games in the company of their workers and not suffer for a month whole, for it met with the human resources area and planned, according to hours and days, the possible activities to be performed in conjunction with companies that provide advice onclimate and labor strategy.
Román García Flores, manager of Manpower's Compensation, said the companies should be very open to such events as a result of the fanaticism of the Mexicans for soccer, and thus allow employees to enjoy such events.
"The sensitivity of the area of human resources in these situations can lead to a favorable working environment and reduce absenteeism.
As good as we Mexicansalways see him and this dispersion does not offer the same level of productivity. "
He said that if the human resources managers are not flexible, they can cause, to the annoyance or distraction to know the results of matches, errors and even unintentional accidents, especially in areas of production or assembly lines.
Changing environment The working environment is essential to form a...
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