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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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Columbus University
Facultad de Ciencias
Escuela de Medicina

Facilitator: Próspero González Course: Medicine Time: May 16th to July 16th 2011
Schedule:Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Hour: 4:00-6:00 P.M
Topics: Health, Science and Technology
General Objective: To encourage medicine`s students to develop the oral communication out-in sideregular classes through different activities as in real life situations.

Specific Objectives Concepts Learning Activities Evaluation

1. To learn how people can have a good health.

2. Torecognize the use of the technology and science in the world.

1.1. Health (disease)
1.2. Questions and answers
1.3. Present tense (Daily routines)
1.4. Intonation with Tag questions
1.6. Giving advice
1.7. Role-play
1.8. Listening conversation
1.9. Reports

2.1. Science
*What is science?

2.2. Human body parts

2.3. Senses

2.4. Systems.

2.5. Internet

2.6. Questions and answers

2.7.New technology

2.8. Using the web 1.1.1. We will discuss some questions about health.
1.1.2. We will make a scheduleabout your daily routines.
1.1.3. We will perform a role-play about a patient and a doctor.
1.1.4. We will listen to a phone conversation about health situations.
1.1.5. We will prepare an oral reportabout routines.

2.1.1. We will discuss some important questions
2.1.2. We will identify the main parts of the body
2.1.3. We will find the parts of the body in a letter soup
2.1.4. We will drawthe main parts of the body.
2.1.5. We will express ideas about the functions of the systems
2.1.6. We will prepare a chart about the new technology
2.1.7. We will talk about advantages /disadvantages of internet.
2.1.8. We will perform a role-play about shopping a new machine.
2.1.9. We will make an animal calendar. Diagnostic:
*Questions and answers

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