Planes de clase de ingles de secundaria

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1.- What_________________ he look like?

a) Do b) was c) Does d) were

2.- What’s your sister ____________ now ?

a) Doing b)Do c) Did d) Done

3.- What does your brother always _______________ in the morning?-

a) Did b) Do c) Does d) Done

4.- What do they___________________?

a) lookedlike b) look liked c) look like d) looks like

5.- _________________________ I help you?

a) couldn’t b) can’t c) can d) would

6.- I__________________ thesepants.

a) Looked b) Look c) Liked d)Like

7.- ____________________ are they?

a) How- ever b) How -come c) How- many d) How-much

8.- _____________________ $ 55.00

a) That are b) These are c) Those are d) That is

9.- What ____________________?

a) Could b) Shouldc) Size d) Help

10.- I am a ________________?

a) Short b) Yellow c) Try d) Size

11.- What_________________?

a) Colorb) Orange c) Medium d) Yellow

12.- ___________________ please?

a) Green b) Medium c) Size d) Big

13.- Can I___________________ them on ?

a) Run b) Fat c) Try d) Eat

14.-I ___________________take it?

a) No. b) Small c) Will d) Yes15.- Look at___________________ pink blouse.

a) These b) This c) That d) Those

16.-Ok, ________________ is beautiful.

a) These b) It c) this d)Those

17.- Do you like _____________jeans?

a) Them b) They c) That d) Those

18.-Which ________________?

a) One’s b) one c) Only d) Once

19.- I prefer...
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