Planet earth is doomed essay

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The earth is considered as one of the most beautiful planets in the universe is the only planet with life in the whole world and although there are people that think that planet earth is doomed, others think the contrary. No one really knows, we just have to wait and find out for ourselves. There are reasons why people think planet earth is doomed, and also there arepeople which believe that our planet isn’t doomed. And my position in this assay is will be to explain why I think planet earth is or isn’t doom. To do this I am going to start explaining if planet earth is doomed? In the following way: I will divide my arguments in three paragraphs; The first one I’m going to give reasons of why I think planet earth is doomed, the second one is about why I thinkthe Earth is not doomed. And at the end of my assay I would put my final conclusion and some pictures.

I think the Earth is doomed because of many reasons, like for example pollution and its consequences, the bad use of resources, and deforestation. Pollution is one of the biggest problems in our civilization; pollution can take the form of chemical solution such as air pollution, or energy, suchas noise, heat or light. In the year 2007 the Blacksmith Institute published a top ten of the world’s most polluted countries, and Peru was one of these countries, can you believe it? ; This is because of the bad quality of the petroleum the cars use; cars are consuming too much petroleum too. Pollution causes many consequences, like damage to the ozone layer; this layer is the one that protectsus from the dangerous rays the sun emits, some say this layer is getting thinner so this Ultra Violet rays pass through them, there are some places were the ozone layer has been broken so the rays go in directly, and other experts are saying that it is getting thicker and thicker, and once the rays enter the atmosphere they can’t go out so they stay. Also water is been affect; you know water isone of the main resources here in earth and is one of our principal uses, but it is being wasted by the man itself, it is being wasted because some people use it badly, people left water running after washing hands, or in the shower they spend hours showering and lot of minutes, for the water to get warm, people also think water is an unlimited resource, but it don’t! , It does have a limit andpeople are saying that in some decades it would be expensive to get just one bottle of water. Deforestation is another reason why people think planet earth is doomed, because there are people that cut the trees without even thinking about the problem they are causing to the environment, they just cut them to make more spare space for their crops, to make paper or to make wooden things, in order to getmoney, employment, etc... but they don’t realize they are destroying our planet , in my opinion I think people must take care of the things we have , they must use them, but in an appropriate way not in excess (everything in excess if bad).

Although all the things humans are causing to the environment I don’t think the Earth is doomed because we have the chance to save it. Lot of people saythat global warming is producing all the natural disasters that go around the world, but others are sure that global warming isn’t caused by the man; they say it is just like a cycle that happens every million of years, like ice age. Another reason why I think the Earth is not doomed is because there is still people who have conscience about what is happening around the world and its environment,and they are trying to exchange their ideas of improvement through all the world by: news, TV, projects, biodegradable products etc... For example, at my school; in Newton College, we all the students are learning since little kids (kinder garden also “nido” through, upper school and teachers) how to recycle to make projects against global warming. Actually at Newton college a big project...
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