Planet x

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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2011
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Melissa Perez
Period 3
Earth Science
April 25, 2010


Planet x our 10th planet in our solar system planet x is what most of the world has been talking about in the past 3 years. TheNASA, government, and many scientist have known about planet x since 1986. In this report I’m going to talk about what is planet, why NASA. Why doesn’t NASA want to warn us about planet x, and ifplanet x is going to be the cause of the end of the world in 2012. I hope this topic are interesting to you Mr. Howard and enjoy full.
What is Planet X? Planet X is our 10th planet in our solar system;it is also known by planet Nibiru, or the Red Giant. Planet x was notice in our solar system by the nasa in 1986, since then the nasa has been tracking planet in a top secret place in the south polewith the most expensive telescope ever created the telescope is called the south pole telescope. It is said that planet x orbits around our solar system every 3600 years it will go around earth and itwill cause major global changes. It is said y many scientist that there’s life in planet x they say that one of the extraterrestrial species are crawling in this planet they are known by theanunnaki, reptilians, and also shape shifters. The anunnaki are by reptilians because they are reptile like beings, they are known by sahpeshifters because they can turn in whatever they please humans,animals, ext.

Why doesn’t the NASA want to worn humans about planet x? the nasa does not want to worn the human population because supposedly they don’t want to scare the human society, or create chaosin earth, but the real truth Is that they do not want to tell us humans because they want most of the population dead so the little population that survives is more easily controllable even thegovernment knows about this, that’s why this is top secret if any of the workers in the nasa, area 51, or government release any of this top secret information to human society they will get assassinated....