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Class: 5th A and B CLASS 1: Speaking, listening, and writing.

Subject: English

Teacher’s name: Carolina Vildósola LagosUnit 0: Welcome!

Greeting and introducing each other in English. Talking about myself, my family and summer holidays. The ABC and its pronunciation. Numbers up to 100

•Greet and introduce each other in English
• Talk about themselves.
• Remember English alphabet and numbers up to 100
• Talk about their summer holidays.

Key Vocabulary:
• Numbers up to 100
• Alphabet
• Family members
• Holidays

Fecha: 5th A Monday 5th 2012
5th B Monday 5th 2012 | |

Motivation / Warming up:
T will introduce herself and will ask Sts their names,ages and questions related to their summer holidays: where did you go? Who did you go with? How long did you stay there? What new things did you do?


T will introducethe ABC on a PPT with the pronunciation and a song, the family members, and numbers up to 100.

- PPT with numbers up to 100, the alphabet, and the alphabet song.


Sts andT will sing the Alphabet song.
Sts will repeat the numbers up to 100 in English.
Sts will paste on their notebooks the ABC with its pronunciation.
Sts will fill a worksheet with missing informationrelated to numbers.
• Materials:
- Worksheet for filling in with information related to numbers.
- The ABC

Production: T asks Sts to fill a card with some personal information.
What is yourname? My name is…
How old are you? I am…
Where do you live? I live in…
Who do you live with? I live with…
What did you do on holidays? I…
Where did you go to? I went to…
Who did you go with?...
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