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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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The story is about a man named Chris Gardner, who despite being poor, have economic hardship, and family problems such asseparation from his wife named Linda, still struggling to give a good life to his only family is her infant son.

Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a family manstruggling to survive. Despite his attempts to keep the family afloat, Linda (Thandie Newton) the mother of his five year old son Christopher (Jaden Smith)fails to withstand the economic pressure and decides to leave.

Chris, now a single father, continues to seek a better paying job using every tactic knowncommercial. Get an internship at a prestigious brokerage and, despite not receiving a salary, agrees with the hope of graduating with a job and a promising future.When things could not be worse Chris loses his job and is cast out of the apartment lease. From one day to another two are in complete abandonment hungryand cold, sleeping on the street, in public bathrooms, etc.. But the strength of a parent is able to overcome any obstacle and Chris will do anything to givehim a good life for her son.

But finally their efforts were rewarded because the company hired him as a stockbroker, and Chris leaves the company thankingeveryone crying and saying that this point in his life could be called Happiness.

This film makes a great lesson of life, and is based on fact, afterstarting his career Chris Gardner founded his own company and in 2006 sold a small portion of their shares in his brokerage firm in a multimillion-dollar amount.
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