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PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition TEMPLATES

Included in this section are templates from the Project Management Institute, aligned with the PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition and modified for the Oregon Department of Human Services. The templates can be viewed with Microsoft Word and Excel, and can be modified to your specific project’s needs.

The forms are arranged sequentially as they appear inthe PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition. A blank copy of the template and a guide with a description of the information that goes into each field is presented. For more information on the form, please consult the PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition.


1.01 Project Charter
The Project Charter is a document that formally authorizes a project or phase. The Project Charter defines thereason for the project and assigns a project manager and his or her authority level for the project. (Template) (Guide)

1.02 Stakeholder Register
The Stakeholder Register is used to identify those people and organizations impacted by the project and document relevant information about each stakeholder. (Template) (Guide)

1.03 Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
The Stakeholder Analysis Matrix isused to categorize stakeholders. It can be used to help fill in the Stakeholder Register. The categories of stakeholders can also assist in developing stakeholder management strategies that can be used for groups of stakeholders.
(Template) (Guide)

1.04 Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Management Strategy documents stakeholders and their influence on the project and analyzes the impact thatthey can have on the project. It is also used to document potential strategies to increase stakeholders’ positive influence and minimize potential disruptive influence on the project. (Template) (Guide)


2.01 Requirements Documentation
Requirements documentation includes requirements, categories, stakeholders associated with requirements and acceptance criteria. Thisdocumentation assists the project manager in making trade-off decisions among requirements and in managing stakeholder expectations. (Template) (Guide)

2.02 Requirements Management Plan
The Requirements Management Plan is part of the Project Management Plan. It specifies how requirements will be managed throughout the project. (Template) (Guide)

2.03 Requirements Traceability Matrix
ARequirements Traceability Matrix is used to track the various attributes of requirements throughout the project life cycle. It uses information from the Requirements Documentation and traces how those requirements are addressed throughout the project.
(Template) (Guide)

2.03a Requirements Inter-Traceability Matrix
A Requirements Inter-Traceability Matrix traces the relationship between categories ofrequirements.
(Template) (Guide)

2.04 Project Scope Statement
The Project Scope Statement is used to define, develop, and constrain the project and product scope. (Template) (Guide)

2.05 Assumption and Constraint Log
The Assumption and Constraint Log can be incorporated into the Project Scope Statement or it can be a stand-alone document. This log is a dynamic document since assumptions areprogressively elaborated throughout the project. (Template) (Guide)

2.06 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Diagram
The WBS is used to decompose all the work of the project. It begins at the project level and is successively broken down into finer levels of detail. The lowest level is a work package. (Graphic) (Outline)

2.07 WBS Dictionary
The WBS Dictionary supports the Work BreakdownStructure (WBS) by providing detail about the work packages and control accounts it contains. The dictionary can provide detailed information about each work package or summary information at the control account level and work package levels. (Template) (Guide)

2.08 Activity List
The Activity List identifies all the activities necessary to complete the project work. It also describes the work...
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