Play role of a invitation fore a dinner

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Practice the vocabulary we learn from this module.
Know how to act when we are in a restaurant or when we have a invitation to eat.

1- Know the situation of the role play,which would be a invitation for dinner.
2- Indentify the principal characters, that would be a man that invites a woman, there will be a waiter and a manager of a resataurant.
3- Write a draft ofthe dialog.
4- Do a report about this activity.
Alexander: Hi Susan, it's good to see you again.

Susan: Oh hi, Alexander

Alexander:Wow long time I didn't saw you. Are you here forwork?

Susan: You're right, almost three months since we saw last time. Yes, I came because the company have to close some Business here and they send me.

Alexander:That sound good! And how longwill you be staying?

Susan: 4 days. I'll going back on Friday.

Alexander:What will you do tomorrow at night?

Susan: Mmmh let me think, I'll be free.

Alexander:Do you would like a dinnertomorrow with me?

Susan: Yeah, that will be nice.

Alexander:I had listened very good recommendations for a new Italian resaturant, his name is Giussepies and actually is close from here, its locatein the 5th avenue.

Susan: Perfect, I love Italian food! Its ok if we see it here at 6:30 o'clock?

Alexander:Excellent! See you

Susan: Bye

Nex Day at 6:30 pm

Susan: Hi, good to see youagain.

Alexander:Hi, mmm look here is the restaurant that i told you yesterday.

Susan: Wow! It’s look like a nice and expensive restaurant

Alexander:Don't worry about that.

Susan: mhh ok.Manager of the restaurant: Good nigth Sir, welcome to ¨Giussepies¨ the best italian food restaurant in town. Table for How many?

Alexander:Two please.

Manager of the restaurant: Follow meplease.


Manager of the restaurant: Right this way, take a seat please. Your waitress will be here in a minute with you.

Susan: Thanks

Alexander:Susan can you pass me the menu...
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