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PLC XC Series

XC Series Programmable Controller
User Manual

PLC XC Series


XC series
Programmable controller
Operating manual

Preface Catalog

Summary of XC series PLC


Spec. Input/output and layout

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Function of each device

Basic SFC instructions————————————————————

Applied instructions

Special function

Applied examples


PLC XC Series

This manual includes some basic precautions which you should follow to keep you safe and protect the products. These precautions are underlined with warning triangles in the manual. About other manuals thatwe do not mention, please follow basic electric operating rules.


Please follow the precautions. If not, it may lead the controlsystem incorrect or abnormal, even cause fortune lose.

Correct Application The models could only be used according to the manual, and an only be used along with the peripheral equipments recognized or recommended by Xinje Electronic. They could onlywork normally in the condition of be transported, kept and installed correctly, also please operate and maintain them according to the recommendation.

PLC XC Series

Copyright reserved Without exact paper file allowance, copy, translate or using the manual is not allowed. Disobey this, people should take the responsibility of loss. We reserve all the right of expansions and their design patent.Duty Declare We have checked the manual, its content fits the hardware and software of the products.As mistakes are unavoidable, we couldn’t promise all correct. However, we would check the data in the manual frequently, and in the next edition, we will correct the necessary information. Your recommendation would be highly appreciated

PLC XC Series

——Specialties of programmablecontroller ——

The programming of XC series programmable controller has the following characteristic: Support two kinds of program languages In XC series PLC,besides statement format,you can also adopt ladder chart on the screen. And, these two formats could convert to the other. Rich basic functions Based on the theory of“Basic functions、 High speed dispose、convenient to use”, XC series PLC cansupport not only functions relative to sequence control,but also basic application instructions of data transfer and compare、 arithmetic and logic control、 loop and shift of data etc.,besides, it can support interrupt、high-speed counter exclusive compare instructions 、 high-speed impulse output and other high-speed dispose instructions. Offset function (Indirect addressing) Add offset suffix afterthe coil、data register (e.g. X3[D100]、D0[D100]) to realize indirect addressing. E.g. when D100=0, X3[D100] means X3,D0[D100] means D0; when D100=9, X3[D100] means X14,D0[D100] means D9; Single phase or AB high speed counter The high speed counters in XC series PLC carry on interrupt disposal with the high speed pulse from special input points. So it is independent with the scan cycle, the countspeed can reach 200KHz. Convenient MODBUS communication instructions With Modbus communication instruction, PLC can easily communicate with every kind of peripheral device as long as they have Modbus protocol. High speed pulse output The main units have two routes pulse output, output can be sequencial segments, each segment of pulse number could be set freely. The pulse could reach 400KHz.

PLCXC Series

XC series PLC are divided into XC1、XC3、XC5 these three sub-series: 、 、 XC1 economic type: This sub-series has specifications of 16 I/O、 I/O、 I/O. The function 24 32 is simple, suitable for common, small scale applications. They don’t support high speed count, pulse output, free communication these advanced functions, also they can not connected with the expansions. For...
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