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Urban Wimax Networks PLC response to Ofcom discussion on the award of available spectrum in the 2.6 GHz and 2010MHz bands
28 September, 2007 Closing date for responses 28thSeptember, 2007 About Urban Wimax
Urban Wimax is unique as a WiMAX operator in the UK as it has already moved beyond the trial phase (which was completed in 2006) into volume roll out. It has a growing WiMAX Fixed WirelessAccess business operating with unlicensed and ‘light touch’ regulated spectrum in London which commenced service in QI 2007. This business addresses the continuing needs for cost effective symmetrical internet access, and related value added services, which remain largely underserved by existing network operators at a time when the Small and Medium Enterprise market has become a growth engine of theUK information economy, and collectively one of its biggest employers. Urban Wimax has plans to extend its Fixed Wireless Access business throughout London, before embarking on a roll out programme in up to 20 major SME conurbations throughout the UK. As an early adopter of WiMAX technology it has build up considerable intellectual property as an operator of WiMAX based service networks. It isalso actively seeking to replicate its business in up to 10 countries worldwide providing a significant export opportunity for itself and its partners, many of whom are major employers in the UK. At the same time as Urban Wimax went into commercial service in the UK it started executing its plans to trial 802.16e technology during 2007 ahead of the anticipated 2.6GHz award and developed its plan tofacilitate the construction of a Disruptive Bid Consortium taking in the entire market facing opportunity for consumer, business and multimedia customers, as well as the potential needs of the Public Sector, existing PMSE and Homeland Defence and Security users. Urban Wimax is the only company that has publicly signalled its intention to bid in the forthcoming award in the 2.6GHz, and criticallyco-founded a 4G Wave Two Ecosystem cross industry/cross market collaboration with a variety of leading companies in the supply value chain which it launched on the 27th July 2007 (5 years to the day from the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games) to prove that WiMAX 802.16e is deliverable to avoid the mistakes of the 3G Auction. Provided the user centric trials, which are due to commence on the8thOctober 2007, are conclusive; and assuming there is continued enthusiasm from the supply chain, and business and market interest from potential bidding partners then Urban Wimax is committed to forming a consortium to bid for in excess of 90MHz spectrum leading to immediate roll out of networks(s) and capabilities to commence in 2008. The strategic intent of the supply chain collaboration is topromote the WiMAX cause and overcome concerns from all industry stakeholders, including potential competitor bidders, that WiMAX is viable for the broader benefits of both UK industry and consumers. The strategic intent of the disruptive bid consortium is to re-establish the UK as a high bandwidth/high value 21st century Information Economy by delivering a Mobile Internet Superhighway to be showcased onthe world stage that is the 2012 Olympic Games, and meet the needs and expectations of those entering the workplace who have grown up with a fixed broadband internet access experience set by ADSL and Cable.

Urban Wimax Networks Plc. Registered In England & Wales. Registered Office: 42-46 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QY Company Registration Number: 5613914

Introduction to Our ResponseUrban Wimax welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the discussion on the award of spectrum in the 2.6GHz band and to reply to the specific questions set out in the discussion document. We have chosen not to comment on the 2010MHz band as this is of secondary interest to us at this time, but this should not be interpreted as not having a business interest in 2010MHz.

Urban WiMAX supports...
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