Plot (saw ii)

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Main character: Eric Matthews

Job: He is a detective

Physical appearance: He is in his early forties; he is handsome,tall, and slim. He got small brown eyes, short curly brown hair, thin lips, big nose, light complexion and a beard.

Personality: heis very angry and rude but very united to his son, he never gives up, he is very intelligent but usually won his rude, he isn’t veryhonest.

Routines: he always searchs criminals and when he finds someone, puts evidence to blame him. He sometimes frees his son fromthe police because her son committed some crime.


Detective Eric Matthews went to find his son Daniel at the police stationbecause he had committed a street crime. On the street, they have a little discussion, and Daniel, said he was going to go live with hismother as they were separated.
The next day, he and his team went to found to jigsaw murderer who had commanded to seek, to find him,he says that detective Matthews’ son was kidnapped in a house with other people and to release him must follow the rules, if he don’tdo this his son will die. He ignored him and begins to despair, watching on a screen one by one in the house are dying.
He went tofind his son, but he had get out of the house, but all that had been a trap to make the detective get in the house and stay locked.
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