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1. From which data tool can information be extracted to gain an insight into the structure and composition of the IT infrastructure with its components ?

--> The Capacity Management Database (CMD)
--> The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) - Like ESL for Example
--> The Definitive Hardware Strore (DHS)
--> The Definitive Software Library (DSL)

2. Following Global Standardprocess, Pobrlem records with priority 1 need to have root caused identified within ?

--> 5 Days. (Respuesta Buena)

3. An acceptable way for handling a duplicate case is ?

--> Linking the duplicate case to a master case
--> Setting the closure code of a duplicate case to "duplicate Event"
--> All of the above
--> None of the above

4. One of the benefits of changemanagement is ?

--> Increases stability of critical services
--> Maintain ownership, monitoring, tracking and communications about incidents

5. Which criterion is NOT used to determine the priority of a case ?

--> Expected business impact of an incident
--> Age of the application of a server experiencing an incident
--> Urgency as measured by how soon an expected business impact willoccur

6. One characteristic of Standard Changes is :

--> This is a reactive Change Type
--> This is the only pre-approved change Type

7. Which of the following are the primary goals of Problem management (Select all that apply)

--> Prevent incidents and problems from reoccurring (Respuestas Buenas, las dos )
--> Reduce the number of incidents and problems that occur byidentifying their root causes.

8. Configuration Management plans should be integrated with those of ?

--> Change & Release Management
--> Service Level Management
--> IT Service Financial & Continuity

9. In which situation should be created a Problem ticket ? (Select all that apply)

--> Severity 1 incident with RtOP engaged (Ambas Respuestas buenas )
-->Re-occurring incident

10. One goal of Change Management is :

--> Proactively manage the customer's IT environment ( Respuest buena)

11. The Objective of Service Asset and Configuration Management is most accurately described as ?

---> To Understand the performance characteristrics of assets and Configuration items (CI's) in order to maximise their Contribution servicelevels.

---> To ensure that assets and CI's deliver the business outcomes they were designed to achieve

---> To Define and control the components of services and infrastructure and maintain accurate configuration records.

12. The goal of ____________ Management is Root Cause Analysis .

--> Problem (Respuesta Correcta)

13. What is a Normal change ?

---> A Result of suddenloss or reduction of service, derived from incident
---> Any Temporary or permanent change to the infrastructure with certain level of risk

14. We usually distinguish 2 groups of people that work with data/information from configuration management, which of the following are they ?

--> Data Owners and Data Consumers
--> Administrators and Developers
--> Data Sonsumers andAuditors

15. Incident Case Activity updates covering troubleshooting should include :

--> Failed actions taken to restore service
--> Successfull Actions to restore service
--> Action take that departed from a documented resolution procedure
--> All of the Above (Parece ser la respuesta correcta )

16. One of the Key responsabilities of Change Implementers is to ?

--->Ensure the change is implemented exactly as documented in the plan without improvising additional changes --> (Respuesta Correcta)

17. The Results of proactive analysis done in problem Mgmt should be a reduction in the number of incidents and Problems, in this true or false ?

---> True (Respuesta Correcta)

18. What is the max. time of the problem Owner to accept...
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