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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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The purpose of this procedure is to outline GE Energy Services’ (GEES) policies for Incident
Reporting, Investigation and Follow-up and to ensure that all work-related near accidents or
incidents, injuries, illnesses, spills, releases, property damage and other such events that occur
while working at GEES sites or customersites are identified, reported, investigated and
Refer to EHS Manual Glossary.
3.1. Identifying Reportable Events
3.1.1. All GEES employees and contractors are responsible for identifying and
implementing the local Emergency Response Plan for any work-related event
meeting the following definitions:
• Near Accident (also called Near Miss)
• FirstAid or Minor Injury or Illness
• Property Damage
• Serious Injury or Illness
• Catastrophic Event, including Fatality
• Spill or Release
• Fire
• Explosion
• Threat (mail, telephone, package delivery, workplace violence)
Immediately, in this context means as soon as a person has identified such an
event has occurred or is occurring. Serious, in this context means one (1) or
more personshospitalized for more than observation, all fatalities, as well as any
reportable spill, release, or catastrophic event.
3.2. Reporting an Event
3.2.1. All employees or contractors working for GEES companies shall immediately
report all events (as listed above) to their supervisor or GEES contact. See
Appendix D for Process flow.
3.2.2. Supervisors or contractor contacts shall immediatelyreport the incident to
their EHS Representative or Site Manager.
3.2.3. EHS HQ shall be contacted immediately (including weekends, holidays and at
night) for any serious event including serious injury, fatality, fire, explosion,
spill, release or threat.
3.2.4. All reported events shall be summarized and entered into an on-line EHS
tracking database (Measurements Reporting) within 1 businessday.
3.2.5. For U.S. operations, any incident that is fatal to one or more employees, or
any incident requiring one or more employees to be admitted to a hospital for
other than observation, requires immediate notification of the EHS HQ and the
project Customer contact (if appropriate). These events may require
notification of the government labor agency (OSHA) within 8 hours of theoccurrence. EHS HQ shall be consulted prior to government notification. The
report must relate the circumstances of the accident, the number of serious
injuries or fatalities and the extent of any injuries. The OSHA Area Director
may require additional information and reports, and will usually arrange for a
Compliance Officer to investigate the incident at the site. State rules may
differ from Federalrules on reporting a serious, work related injury. Consult
EHS HQ for the requirements of your jurisdiction to ensure you are reporting
injuries and illnesses properly. Additional guidance regarding fatalities can be
found in the GEE Fatality Reporting Tools located on the GEE Health and
Safety website.
3.2.6. For international operations, follow country or region specific reporting andnotification regulations with regard to notification of government agencies of a
fatality or serious incident.
3.2.7. EHS HQ will notify GEE EHS for any catastrophic event.
3.3. Event Response
3.3.1. Injury Care The Responsible Supervisor shall ensure an injured or ill employee
receives prompt care upon reporting a work-related injury. For minor injuries, an employee canself-administer first aid treatment or
request to be seen by a first aid-trained individual. For more serious injuries or illnesses, the supervisor shall ensure prompt
medical treatment for the injured employee at a GE site, GE contracted
facility or the closest appropriate medical management facility. The
supervisor shall provide the GE Physician/Clinic Referral form (Appendix
C) upon...
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