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Connect Power Cables
Motherboard Power ConnectionsThe Advanced Technology Extended (ATX) main power connector has either 20 or 24 pins.The power supply may also have a 4-pin or 6-pin Auxiliary (AUX) power connector that connects to the motherboard. A 20-pin connector will work in a motherboard with a 24-pin socket.
Connect Power Cables
SATAPower Connectors use a 15-pin connector to connectto hard disk drives, optical drives, or any devices that have a SATA power socket.MolexPower Connectors are used by hard disk drives and optical drives that do not have SATA power sockets.CAUTION:Do not use a Molex connector and a SATA power connector on the same drive at the same time.4-pin BergPower Connector supplies power to a floppy drive.
Power Connector Installation Steps
1.Plug the SATApower connector into the HDD.2.Plug the Molex power connector into the optical drive.3.Plug the 4-pin Berg power connector into the FDD.4.Connect the 3-pin fan power connector into the appropriate fan header on the motherboard, according to the motherboard .
PATA Cables
Drives connect to the motherboard using data cables.Types of data cables are PATA, SATA, and floppy disk.The PATAcable(sometimes called a ribboncable) is wide and flat and can have either 40 or 80 conductors.A PATA cable usually has three 40-pin connectors.
SATA Cables
The SATAdata cable has a 7-pin connector.One end of the cable is connected to the motherboard. The other end is connected to any drive that has a SATA data connector.
Floppy Drive Cables
The floppy drive data cable has a 34-pin connector and ithas a stripe to denote the location of pin 1.
BIOS Setup
The BIOS contains a setup program used to configure settings for hardware devices. The configuration data is saved to a special memory chip called a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS).

Printers produce paper copies of electronic files.Hard copies of computer documents remain important today.Scanners allowusers to convert paper documents intoelectronic files.
Types of Printers
Computer technicians should know how to purchase, repair, or maintain a printer.A customer may request a technician to:Select a printerInstall and configure a printerTroubleshoot a printer.
Printers: Speed and Capacity
Printers available today are:Laser printersusing electrophotographic technologyInkjet printersusingelectrostatic spray technologyDot matrix printersusing impact technologyUsed in applications that require multiple (“carbon”) copiesPrinter speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm):Inkjet Printer 2 -6 ppmLaser Printer8 -200 ppmPrice of a printer reflects its capacity and speed.
Printers: Color and Quality
The choice between a black-and-white printer and a color printer depends on the needs ofcustomers.A printer produces colors using subtractive mixing. The eye sees a color that reflects from the combination of colors on the paper. The colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK).Quality is measured in dots per inch (dpi). The more dpi, the higher the resolution Color.
Printers: Reliability and Cost
Factors of reliability include:WarrantyScheduled servicingMean time betweenfailures (MTBF)Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) includes:Initial purchase priceCost of supplies, such as paper and inkPrice per pageMaintenance costsWarranty costs The amount of material to be printed The expected lifetime of the printe
Laser PrintersA laser
printer is a high-quality, fast printer that uses a laser beam to create an image.The main components contained within a laser printer:TonercartridgeLaser scannerHigh-voltage power supplyPaper transport mechanismTransfer coronaFuser assemblyControl circuitryOzone filter.
Impact Printers
Impact printersform characters when the print headimpacts a printer tape or inked ribbon to create characters. (Daisy-wheeland dot-matrixprinters)Advantages:Uses inexpensive consumables Uses continuous feed paperHas copy printing ability (“carbon...
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